The story of a resurrected Christ is a very old story.  There is a book called  “The 16 Crucified Christs” by Kersey Graves {very good book}  In the book he talks about 16 Christ figures that PRE DATE this Jesus fella, in fact Jesus is the LAST of the 16!  You ONLY know of the crucified Jesus because you have been in a CLOSED closet of knowledge, so come out of the goddamn closet!  The Kemetic story of Ausar pre dates Jesus by about seven thousand years.  He was killed by his evil brother Set out of jealousy {which by the way is where you get your Cain and Abel story from} religion has just plagiarized and stole all kinds of shit.  But in the Ausar story,  he is resurrected by his DIVINE WIFE!  He is cut up into 14 pieces, his wife Auset {Isis} REMEMBERS him and thru an immaculate conception,  she produces Heru.  Now of course this is all mythology,  but this mythology is about the HUMAN CONDITION!

Now as I have said on many occasions, the mythology has to be on a PERSONAL level or else it is of no use,  I am going to relate this story to African people,  but anyone with the power of perception can dissect the story and make it relate to SELF.  The African man here in North America,  abroad or on the continent has been CUT UP into pieces and totally dismantled,  but the African woman is the KEY to our resurrection.  The PROPER UNION of the two will resurrect a once dead man into a living perpendicular.  So for the enemy, it is an absolute necessity to keep this union of the Black man and Woman in total chaos and disunion, this will perpetuate the CONTINUAL dead state of the two, particular the dead state of Ausar. [the Black man]  So mass incarceration,  Welfare { where the man cant be present}  homosexuality,  religion { where ANOTHER MAN is seen as HER savior}  keeps them apart and the Blackman on a dead level.

Then you introduce this Christ propaganda,  where you tell the people thru religion that someone in the sky is IMMINENTLY on the way to SAVE YOU!  This has to be on a CONTINUAL  LOOP that Christ is coming,  not a coincidence that the HOLY DAY is EVERY week,  because if there is NO CHRIST coming back, the WHOLE HOUSE of cards totally collapses.  Now Black woman you are so divine,  now like Tupac said ” I am not trying to gas your head up” but our resurrection as men is in a divine nexus with you,  but look at the CONDITION of our Black women.  The ancestor Elijah Muhammad said 85% of us are deaf, dumb and blind.  When I see our women on T.V. or their conduct in public,  our nation is in trouble.  I know many sisters will read this and say “Well what about these trifle ass brothers?”  I agree, many of US are trifle,  but all of our teachers have told us….When you teach a man,  you teach an INDIVIDUAL,  but when you teach a woman you teach a NATION.  The woman is so important,  that most of the weight is put on her shoulders.  I don’t say that as if men don’t have no damn responsibilities,  but you are our FIRST NURSE,  you are our FIRST TEACHER,  you are our FIRST SUSTAINER.  When we FIRST open our eyes, we see the face of GOD for the FIRST time!

So lets go into the mythology,  in ancient Kemet Ausar lays DEAD and its IMPOSSIBLE for him to get up by his OWN power,  ONLY Auset can resurrect him.  I think when we read this story,  we don’t really delve into the importance of this particular part.  If not for Auset,  Ausar NEVER gets up!  The world is in disorder and STAYS that way until SHE produces a product that will bring ORDER,  and that is Heru.  I can see a male reading that last paragraph and saying ” Well if Auset was all that, why didn’t SHE bring order to where there was disorder?”  You know sometimes when you are sick or in DIS-EASE,  its ok to see a doctor instead of YOU trying to figure the shit out.  We will go back into the mythology and tie everything together in part two.  ASE’


Power to the goddamn people!



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