The definition of a Veil is piece of material worn by WOMEN to protect or conceal the face.  Why do women wear the veil and what does it represent?  I don’t want to deal with the cultural or religious reasons why women wear the veil,  I want to deal with the SPIRITUAL component of what it means.  First it is WOMEN who wear the veil, not men,  because she is the prize or the God head.  So she presents herself to the man with the face COVERED,  that presentation is saying to the man “Are you WORTHY TO LIFT this veil”?  Now during the marriage ceremony the woman is all done up,  she looks amazing and when the man lifts the veil,  everyone says how beautiful she looks.  But that is on the base level,  it has nothing to do with the spiritual component of what the veil means.

When the man lifts the veil,  he automatically focuses on her eyes,  right behind the eyes is the Pineal Gland,  so the veil conceals the Brain, the Pineal Gland, the Mind!  Before you lift and peel back this veil,  are you sure you can handle what it conceals?  This is the God head that you are unveiling,  the man is saying I have PASSED all the required tests,  I have removed all the barriers that lay before this relationship and I have answered all the riddles correctly.  I have exhausted all my MAJIK and she, the God head has said “Well done, you may now enter into my paradise”, and that act is consummated by the lifting of the veil.  The woman should always have a Veil to herself, meaning she should keep some mystery about herself and to the man.  Now I didn’t say KEEP SECRETS,  I said be a mystery.  The woman should never be a open book to a man,  make the man read every goddamn page and paragraph until he has read the WHOLE book, then when you think he is ready, tell him there is a SECOND EDTION that will come out soon…lol.  That is what the veil represents,  I deem you worthy to raise my veil and know the INNER secrets that make me the woman I AM!

But you notice in a marriage ceremony they are not ONE until AFTER he lifts the veil,  now you are one with the God!  Her face is COVERED for a reason,  as she is walking down the aisle and EVERYONE IS WAITING ON HER….NOT THE MAN,  but her face is covered to the crowd and she reveals herself only to the man that she deemed worthy.  On another level, everything that has a Spiritual component has a PHYSICAL one.  The Veil also represents the VAGINA!  The VEIL that covers it is the HAIR of the vagina,  again like the pineal gland,  the vagina is sacred,  and there is a NATURAL veil that covers it.  The pubic hair covers or VEILS the vagina and ANY  man shouldn’t be able to UNVEIL and have access to the CROWN or the vagina.  Now of course in this new age,  many woman have completely shaved off ALL hair and the Crown is totally unveiled.  This has been pushed by the European MALE because in his MIND he wants to see something that represents a PUBESCENT OR ADOLESCENT….A CHILD!  This is his HISTORY, even as far back as the Roman and Greek era.

He has ALWAYS seen the woman as a threat,  something that needs to be controlled at ALL TIME,  and a pubescent girl can be controlled.  Now on a personal level,  I am not saying have the Crown totally covered like a goddamn Indiana Jones scene where you have to go in search for it,  but a nice THIN Veil will do…lol.  But again,  I as a man have to find and prove myself WORTHY to lift and have access to the VEIL!   ASE”


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