This is part two of the 42 laws of Maat, please go read part one for a general overview of what the laws mean {from my perspective} and go look up what the ACTUAL 42 are,  and as an African do what your ancestors did in antiquity and be aware and mentally cognizant of them every hour and every day to keep a moral compass in this wicked world of the WEST, where spiritually RA does not shine.  So part two will be more on a level and concept that is contemporary and practical,  so I am trying to get my thoughts together so I have the elder Stevie Wonder playing in the background and incense piercing my nostrils… let us begin.

The recitation of the 42 laws 5 times a day is only one facet of the Maatian Law,  there is another concept that is more on a personal and spiritual level.  In ancient mythology,  when one dies and is lead by Heru to be judged by his father Ausar {which also was plagiarized by the Christian when it was put in the words of Jesus “None come to the father but thru me”}  But in the mythology when one dies,  before your meeting with Ausar you must GO THRU 42 DOORS,  and each door has its OWN lock and key.  You must ask the right questions and know the exact answer to get thru the door,  and as I said you have 42 DOORS before you MEET WITH GOD!

I have said on many occasions the BEAUTY of African spirituality is that its basis is in MYTHOLOGY!  So you cant read the mythology and take it as verbatim,  the aspirant must DELVE into the mythology and EXTRACT the deeper meaning.  Each of us will extract out of the mythology DIFFERENT meanings on different levels and unlike religion,  NO ONE has the ONLY way to look at mythology.  But you must make the mythology PERSONAL for you,  it must relate to the SELF,  if not what the fuck use is it?  So back to the 42 laws, these 42 laws represent 42 DOORS that you must PASS THRU TO MEET GOD!  Not Ausar,  but the god of SELF!  This is the God you are trying to meet.  The God that is buried, the God that is covered up,  the God that is HIDDEN!  This is what Amen- RA means,  AMEN means Hidden and RA means the God….the Hidden God!  This God will STAY hidden following some bullshit religion.

Because in religion SOMEONE ELSE is always the divine one, the golden child, but its never you.  Its Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Noah or some damn pastor or minister but NEVER YOU!  Someone else has the Bat Phone to God and you just have to BELIEVE that they are more proximal to God than you are,  all religions have this same bullshit concept.  Sorry for my sidebar but I just abhor religion and sometimes I go on tangents,  so back to the Laws.  These 42 DOORS represent 42 TESTS OR TRIALS that we all must encounter in life.  Each of us go thru our OWN 42 doors or trials in life that test our soul, mind and character.  However, many of us SEEK THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE,  and by doing this you will NEVER meet with Ausar or God.  God will stay hidden,  the God of SELF,  and will stay covered up, because you REFUSE to challenge SELF!

Each door presents a different challenge,  some will be physical, some spiritual and some mental or emotional.  Depending on where your development needs to be at THAT TIME AND MOMENT, that Door or Law will present itself to you.  You MUST go thru the door,  not around it or look for another door,  and once you get thru THAT DOOR,  sometime down the path of life another fucking door will present itself.  The mindset of  “Why me? or damn some more shit I have to DEAL with!”  is a HUMAN response and is understandable,  but we are trying to BECOME GOD….NOT HUMAN!  The MORE doors you breech,  the more UNVEILING of the HIDDEN GOD will be revealed to SELF,  and the God you have been looking for will be revealed IN AND THRU YOU!

This is how you make the mythology REAL!  But if you read it like some spooky shit,  about some Gods way back then and UP THERE….AMEN- RA, PTAH, AUSAR, and AUSET will always be something you read in a book and it will NEVER relate to the SELF,  and you will never have that MEETING WITH GOD where you can say to the SELF……WELL DONE!


Power to the goddamn people!

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