I had to REVISIT this subject, there are a few more things I want to say on the subject of the SOUL. Now again when I speak of the Soul it is purely Subjective! No one knows a goddamn thing in substantial terms of what a soul is, or if we even have one. It could be just electrical impulses from the brain that we subjectively CALL the Soul. The individual has to determine what this thing Soul is for themselves. But for our subject today we will try and put this into a context that is Metaphysical.

The Body or the Physical is an AVATAR and the Soul is the Real! So the Avatar only encases the real you. As we live our lives on this planet and we engage different people, our purpose should be to meet the SOUL of that individual, but so many times we only meet their Avatar. So what is an Avatar? It is an embodiment or an Incarnation in human form. The root word incarnate means “In Flesh”. That which manifest IN-flesh. Living under the auspices of European thought and culture, it is so hard to be able to see the Soul of an individual. The reason is because we are bombarded with so much Physical Imagery, the physical becomes the norm. Rocky with his shirt off, Wonder Woman in tiny shorts, Women selling cars in seductive clothing. I can’t put in words how far the European has mislead and the purposeful miseducation of the masses to be seduced by this Avatar we call the physical body. You are bombarded on a second and minute by minute admiration of it.

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Now this shit we all do, men for the most part go to the gym to build muscle to impress women. Women and the make-up, fake breast and ass…we all do the shit to impress the other side. But the Soul, the Inner-Self how the fuck do we meet that in the other person? Bruce Lee talked about being truly honest with oneself, that this is hard to do he said. Before you can get to the Soul of a person it is first engulfed in Ego! So because I don’t know what your intent is with me when we first meet, I will present you with my Ego as an Avatar….. for my Self-Preservation, until I know your intent.

This is why when women/men finally do show the Real Self…the Soul, and it is taken advantage of, people will loose their fucking mind and can sometimes lead to death of the one that offended their Soul. Because it is rare that we let someone past the ego and see the real Self, so if the person is not spiritually balanced, they can literally loose their mind. So Marley said in words how evil it was for a man to take a woman’s heart with no intention to love her back. This is the reason in Ancient Kemet when the person died, they kept the Heart in a canopic jar but discarded the brain, they didn’t give a fuck how intelligent you were, they wanted to know what was the condition of your heart!

This is why it is so important to get back to African Spirituality, because Religion is a fucking Avatar! It is a facade an illusion. Everyone wants to see what suit and shoes you wore to Church. Who has the biggest fucking hat on Easter. Get your car washed and park it in the front so everyone can see it after service….this is the fucking Ego, the Avatar! It is not the real you, we have not met your Soul yet. The Church or any religion for that fact, is the biggest display of the Avatar mentality, you present yourself to me as holy and pious in church, but this is not you…..and you know it! It is your Avatar, and I actually have to get you out of the fucking building to try and get a glimpse of the real you….your SOUL!

Now this is NOT a racist statement, but its hard to see the Soul of the European, and the reason I say this is because he is always trying to promote this Superman ideology. That he is better than, more intelligent, more attractive and more pious than the darker people of the Earth, so his Soul is always covered up and it never gets revealed due to his Ego. So in the movie “Avatar” when she said “I SEE YOU”, she wasn’t speaking about his physical….she was speaking about his SOUL!

In African Spirituality we want to see the Soul of you, what is your character and what is your intent as it relates to me. Now the shit is hard living in this European culture, I can only speak for me as a man, to see a woman in jeans with a fat ass, my Avatar can’t help but look and admire, but at some point after the initial admiration we must delve deeper to inspect the Soul.

The book “THE PAGAN CHRIST” by Tom Harpur, he has a beautiful metaphysical story about “The Prodigal Son”. Now of course we have this bullshit biblical story about some son leaving his father to go to live in a Foreign Land, but he looses all his possessions and decides to come back home, where his father forgives his errant mistake and welcomes him back home. Now on a low physical level we can all relate to the power of forgiveness. Not that forgiving is on a low level, but the goddamn story on its surface is. But in the book “The Pagan Christ” he says the Prodigal Son represents the hidden drama of the Soul. When we enter into matter….taken upon us a Body and embarking a lifetime of experience, we truly are going off into a far country to be tested. One day true enlightenment dawns, the divinity within is recognized, the sleeping Christ is awakened and we return home to the waiting Father! This paragraph he mentioned is very powerful, the BODY or physical is analogous to the Prodigal Son, the shit we do throughout our lifetime is like going to a far country doing shit we shouldn’t do. But as we get knowledge of the SELF, we realize there is something inside that calls us back to our true nature….when we recognize that voice, which is the SOUL….we come back home! The problem is under Religion, that voice is confused to be some shit in SPACE instead of the INNER SELF!

Do you plan on elevating your OWN vibration and those you come in contact with? If you can do this, then I think it will be possible to see the SOUL of a person. ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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