Man has a SOUL is European. SOUL has a Man is African! This is why Elijah Muhammad said “When you see a Black Man you are looking at God”! It is the INNER man that he speaks of, and the European was looking at the OUTER man. There are the lyrics to a song that says “The SUIT don’t make the man”. The European has always been fascinated with the body and looks, magazines that celebrate “The sexiest man alive”. Models that walk the run-way with bathing suits on. He even had a football league where the women wore lingerie as the uniforms….this is his Mindset! The African in contrast wanted to know the content of the character.

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The African knew the REAL you was on the inside…..the SOUL! Now in truth NO ONE knows exactly what a Soul is, so I am using the term in context of the subject at hand, but YOU as an individual have to determine what SOUL means to you and not let someone define that for you. So before this concept was used by the European in Christianity, the African already had this concept thousands of years before. I don’t have time to go into that subject in detail, but just go read the mythology of Auset, Heru and Ausar and you will see a Soul and resurrection story that pre-dates your biblical plagiarism. So in antiquity the African had a different relationship with death. When the physical body died, the real you lived on, so the relationship with death was not fear as it is in the Western world. So this is why everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody want to die! The African knew the real you was eternal, this is why there is no real death for Marcus Garvey.

In African Spirituality the deity was Anthropomorphic, meaning it was non-human but had human qualities. In contrast in Greek and European culture, they Humanized God, meaning they literally made the non-human…Human. So let me explain, many African deities were HALF human and half animal or nature, but it was never to be taken literal. You as the individual were to delve into the qualities of the animal that was attached to that particular deity and inculcate those qualities into the SELF! So the deity Heru was an image of a half Man and half Hawk, it meant one with high spiritual vision and one who can soar above earthly endeavors. The deity Djehuti had a body of a Man and the head of the Ibis bird. The Ibis bird represented intelligence and wisdom, so when the African produced this image it meant you as an African should try and cultivate these qualities in your own human form. But if you notice the BODY was human but the HEAD was in the image of the deity. This is where the Greeks and the European got the idea of a Demi-God, someone that was HALF God and half Mortal. So out of African mythology they made the shit REAL! So in Greek culture Hercules was the demi-god, he was the son of Zeus but he was real to them. The European stole from the Greek and produced Jesus, another demi-god, he was the son of God so he was half human and half God. So since they didn’t understand African mythology and the spiritual system, they took something that was in-human and made it into a literal human.

See the source image
See the source image

Djehuti became the Greek God Mercury and then when the European got it they changed Djehuti to the Angel Gabriel. So African mythology became Humanized into European reality. So the African was trying to teach these dumb ass Greeks by saying “No nigga those are only Human attributes, they were never to be taken literally”. But as I have said many times, if you are a people who are Left side Dominant in your thinking, you cannot think in spiritual form, everything must be literal. So the Greek and the European were incapable of grasping the mythology and metaphysics of the African spiritual system.

When the bible talks about the Last Supper and Jesus asking his disciples to eat the bread that represents his body and now your dumb ass in church eating crackers. It was all metaphysical, it didn’t have shit to do with a fucking body named Jesus. In fact you don’t even need Jesus to understand the shit. Bread is sustenance, but the real bread was the Word or knowledge. So when you consume knowledge you are becoming one with God, but not God in fucking space but the God of Self! The water into wine meant by drinking wine you will become intoxicated….In-toxins meaning that it will change your conduct, actions and language. This is the consumption of knowledge that is put in Occult language that is talking about when you are becoming one with the Self through the application of knowledge, it will be like the changing of the Self when one is intoxicated from wine.

It was always Metaphysical, but because you are following a European way of thought, your negro mind is sitting in a church thinking you are eating the body of a white man named Jesus! This is just shit thinking, come home family and feed your African Soul! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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