So this movie “Judas and the Black Messiah” was an amazing movie. The Ancestor Fred Hampton was just on another level. To be 21 yrs. old and that conscious and the leadership skills that he had was just superhuman! These facts just can’t be undervalued or glossed over, he was simply far beyond his time. But despite his unique skills, Americas racist and barbaric climate produced such a man. This is why what I am about to say needs to be said….Black men wearing high heels and fucking make-up, walking around switching their ass is NOT A THREAT to White Supremacy! Now I don’t give a fuck about someone’s “sexual orientation” and what two consenting adults do in their private time, but whether you believe it or not, African people are at War and we need fucking warriors for this fight and not niggas that want to be women!

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So lets move on, this has to be a multi-part series because this first part is going to be more spiritual and the second part will do more with the movie and how to fight an Enemy! We cant fight this beast with just weapons only! In fact physical weapons like guns are needed for Self Defense against the beast, but to win the War against the Devil, it will only be won by our Afrikan Spiritual Efficacy! If you think you can beat the devil with a gun, you are fighting him on his level…which is Linear. The War must be elevated to a spiritual one where he has NO WEAPONS! Fighting an Enemy that has NO WEAPONS is a fight that can be won every time. But as long as you want to throw rocks, March or even fire a pistol these are ALL his domain. In the Ancestral World we will be unconquerable!

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I say that to say at one point America was an ally to Haiti under Papa Doc until they got tired of his brutality to the Haitian people, so “cosmetically” it looked bad for America to be backing such a brutal man, so John Kennedy decided to get rid of him and replace him with someone else. Before they could get rid of him, Papa Doc said he did a ritual on JFK and that nigga got popped on 11/22/63. Now the number 22 was Papa Doc’s favorite number and devil Kennedy got popped on November 22nd….coincidence or Real? No one knows either way do we!

So lets deal with this Judas and the Black Messiah on the spiritual side, then the next chapter we will get into how to deal with the devil, the Judas near and far and the coming of the Black Messiah! So if we are talking about a Black Messiah then we are talking about a Jesus figure. And if we are talking about Jesus then we are talking about the Bible in which 99% of us came up as Christians and we know about this Jesus guy quite well. Since many of our people are going through difficult times with racism, a virus, the economy and just being Black on this planet and living proximal to a people that is increasingly showing that they dislike African people in a overt way. We as African people have to find a way to deal with such a myriad of scenarios that don’t benefit us, and Religion and God is NOT the goddamn answer or else you wouldn’t be on the goddamn bottom rung of society after having it for 500 years here in America! But since we know Jesus so well, I am going to use a story in the bible that we are familiar with but in a Metaphysical format so we can use it through these difficult times.

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Now as a caveat, if you are reading this and you literally believe this nigga got his ass out of a boat and walked on water, stop reading now and take your ass to bed! I am not going to debate or entertain shit thinking! Jesus walking on water has two levels, the First level is that the boat represents Buoyancy, a place of safety and security. Now this could mean a myriad of things….your job, residence, relationship or anything that you find safe and secure for you could represent this Boat! You are at a job you can’t stand or people you work with you can’t stand but you stay there because you have bills to pay but you stay there because you feel secure because you know the job well and you are 50 years old and you don’t want to have to start over, so the job becomes your Boat! A place of Buoyancy.

You were born and raised in this city and you know every road and highway. You know almost everyone in the city and all your family is there, so understandably it has become a place of safety, but industry and jobs are leaving that you know are not coming back and the population is getting smaller and smaller and you know what you went to college for you are getting severely underpaid in this city but you stay because the city has become your Boat. A place of buoyancy.

A relationship or marriage is definitely a place of buoyancy. Its Human to want to be with a mate, no one wants to be alone especially as we get older. So I will tolerate this miserable marriage or relationship because its better than being alone, the thought of being single again can be terrifying for some. So the relationship becomes the fucking Boat, the place of buoyancy that we are terrified of getting out of.

But Jesus of the bible is only a SIGN OF YOU walking on the waters of faith. In no way am I asking you to leave your mate just because you may be going through some rough times, because rough times are inevitable and actually necessary for a strong relationship, but if you are fucking miserable there, have some fucking faith in who you are and if there are 7.9 billion people on the planet…. certainly you can find a mate!

So you as an individual have to decide can I get the fuck out this Boat or place of buoyancy and “Walk on water”? Jesus don’t have shit to do with this….this is YOU! This job, this marriage, this city can I walk away from my place of safety and levitate my ass above this water without my Boat? Of course it is a scary endeavor, but in your Soul you know the shit has to be done. Praying that the shit gets better is NOT an answer because YOU are the answer to your OWN prayers! So are you going to Stay in the boat or be the Christ that you are and walk your ass on the fucking water? As you read this a decision will have to be made.


The Second Level of Jesus walking on water has to be personal for it to be Spiritual! If you read the story of Jesus walking on water and if you look at the picture of him above, you will notice it is a STORM going on at the same time. In this exegesis the Boat represents your Soul or Spirit and the Stormy Sea represents chaos in your life. If you are a living vessel there will be chaos in your life, it is inevitable that it will happen, any fool knows this. It doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with a spirit devil making life miserable for you, chaos is a part of living. But YOU are the real Jesus and YOU have to say to your OWN Soul….Waters be STILL!

Be STILL to whatever is vexing you in your life. Be STILL to a miserable marriage, job, school or whatever it is. Through the application of Magik, you have to make rough waters around you still. When I say Magik, I am not speaking of no hocus pocus shit, I am speaking of letting your MIND formulate a plan for you that the body implements and changes to your reality….this is fucking Magik!

The dilemma of the Judas and the Black Messiah is only the Universal Story of someone in human form coming into your life as a Judas figure, creating chaos and YOU as the Messiah have to figure out how to deal with this Judas figure and tell that nigga or scenario to be STILL! Now Judas can come in the image of your parent, children, spouse, co-worker or anyone or anything that brings chaos into your life is a Judas figure, and YOU as the Messiah have to deal wisely with this Judas.

Now check this out, YOU can sometimes come in the image as the Judas. It can be YOU that is bringing fucking chaos into someone’s life and someone ELSE is the goddamn Messiah and have to deal with your monkey ass! So be honest with who you are, and if you are honest and see that you are the bringer of chaos, do some Magik on the SELF and repair what is going on with the Soul and be the Messiah and exorcise that Judas out of SELF! Hotep.


Power to the goddamn People!

Any donations can be sent to cash app $HERUSOR666 thank you!


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