Why do you as an individual think of something, then find out someone in a different part of the world thinks of the same thing?  Because we are all from the same origin…The African woman.  So subconsciously we can bring out what has been hiding from the world and we assume it is new knowledge, and sycophants around us tap into our ego and make us believe the shit came from ourselves.  This so-called new knowledge that you have bequeathed to the world is not new at all.  This world is drunk under the auspices of a European culture and melanated people are other than SELF.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said Black people need to be “Made over again”.

New ideas come from the Infinite Mind called “Nun” or the primordial womb or the subconscious mind.  Its called an Infinite Mind because your contemporary mind is connected to the mind of the first human that walked the earth, which was the African Woman!  So your contemporary thoughts that you are bringing up are only the ancient thoughts of your Ancestors that had the thought long before you, so you and I occasionally tap into that deep reservoir of wisdom, but as I said our ego makes us believe the shit came from self.

The European calls this the Akashic Records, meaning some etheric wisdom in the fucking sky or space, let me say this again and again and again… anything that is outside of self is religion, anything that resonates from within is spirituality!  So as the title suggest, there is Nothing new under the Sun, all new wisdom is just old wisdom being recycled thru the living.  This is why it is so important in African spirituality that the Ancestors are recognized,  because we know that anything of value that we give to the world didn’t come from SELF but comes from the wisdom of our ancient Mother. The problem African people have is when we become so entrenched in European culture, that the communication with the ancient mother becomes more and more difficult to hear and decipher.

This is the reason before I write in my blog, I light an incense and ask the Ancestors to speak in and thru me so all that I write may not only help resurrect others but help resurrect myself as well.  I say that because I have written over 110 blogs on this site and there are times I will go back and re-read my older blogs and have no idea or even remember writing some of the things, so that just confirms to me that it didn’t come from me but from a more ancient source.  Always have respect and honor the ancient womb from whence all wisdom originated from, the word God is only some generic term to help sedate the ignorant.  There is nothing new under the Sun, our ancient mother the African Woman is the source of all wisdom for she was the first one to have thought!

Book called Religion the REAL Matrix coming soon!


Power to the goddamn People!

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