The Observer and the Akashic Records {Pt One}


The unfortunate thing about living under the auspices of the Western mind is we fail to recognize the tremendous power of the human mind.  It is such a tremendous tool but is handcuffed and manacled under religion. So much of it is under used, yet made to be a dumping site for  bullshit and filth.  For this current state of human endeavor, we are supposed to be in the Informational Age.  However, no information is given, everything is sport, play and lower level arousement.  The mind is misused, under appreciated and wasted in gross under production.  You are living among an UNNATURAL PEOPLE where mental impotence and imbecile thinking is given fan fare and applause and it is a continual and staple diet.

This is not my subject, but I am trying to get somewhere so give me a little time.  There is a documentary called “What the bleep do we know” in it they talk about the “OBSERVER”.  This may sound mundane but as I said give me some time to actually get to my title.  They show an illustration of marbles going thru a slit and it produces a particular design on the other side.  Since the marbles are matter, they decided to use electrons to see if shot thru the slit, if it would make the same design on the other side.  Well it did not, it made waves.  They didn’t understand why the electrons which are matter also didn’t make the same design as the marbles when it went thru the slit, so they put an instrument to watch the electrons go thru the slit [an observer] and see why it was different.  This time as they watched the electrons, they made the same design as the marbles when they went thru the slit, so now they are really confused.  So they took the instrument away that visibly looked at the electrons and the electrons went back to making waves.  What the fuck does this have to do with anything?

Has anyone ever told you if you are single and you go out looking for someone or [being the observer] you never find that one person, but when you are not looking you meet that one person?  This is what I am slowly trying to get to, so lets move this to the subject of knowledge.  There is Matter knowledge and there is Etheric knowledge.  When you are the observer or when you look for knowledge, this is called matter knowledge, it is knowledge that you find in a book or thru a personal entity.  Nothing wrong with this knowledge, in fact all human beings should seek matter knowledge, but then there is another form of knowledge.  This particular form of knowledge is called etheric or Akashic, this you will not find in a book or get by speaking to someone.

What they were missing in the illustration was even though electrons are matter, they are also energy and energy does not behave like matter, it comes in waves.  The human can not accept knowledge all at once, so it has to come in waves so the human can digest the information.  The Sun which represents light or knowledge comes up in increments to give the human time to adjust its power and presence, imagine how traumatic it would be if the Sun came up all at once?  So it is with knowledge, it has to come to us in waves to give our fragile minds time to digest the information and give us time to build a solid foundation under us.  So in this part one I have tried to build a foundation for the above title, in part two we can link everything together of what it is to be an observer and what the Akashic Records mean to us as African people.

Book called “Religion the Real Matrix” coming soon!



Power to the goddamn People!

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