In part one I went over the divine feminine and divine masculine principle that are not seen in a religious context, I will continue to show in part two how we are so indoctrinated in religion that everything has to come only in a Male deity construct or we will reject it. Also in this religious indoctrination, to talk about the divine union of the female and male our minds equate this with pornography or make sex a sullied thing.  How the fuck do you think you got here?  Do you think moms and pops was thinking about Jesus when your crazy ass was conceived or did they have on some old school slow jams having sex on some dirty ass mattress?  What we do with sex makes it pornographic, it can be beautiful or it can be sullied.  So go read part one to get a taste of how we read the Bible or Quran with religious cataracts.

So before I get into part two, let me stress that I don’t give a damn whether you use Bible or Quran, no one in either book has any historical data attached to them… let me say that again, from Genesis to Revelations or the whole damn 114 Surahs or chapters of the Quran will you find anyone who existed in history!  If they did just show me one, not two or three, but one person of either book where the hell they are buried.  Show me that and we can talk, so let us begin.  Lets start in Genesis, in the book of Genesis you have Eve who has been beguiled by the Snake.  It is Eve who first picks the apple or fruit or whatever the hell it was, but in our western mythology we have something called the Adams Apple, the little bump in the middle of our throat it is colloquially  the origin of this myth.  So very plainly what does the Apple represent historically in its sexual context?  It represents the vagina of the woman, again the shit is not pornographic, it is what it is.  So then what would the Snake represent?  The shit is not that hard when you open your eyes and look again without the cataracts of religion.

Its all about the Divine Union of the feminine and masculine energy, it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with good or evil.  So SATAN here is not beguiling Eve, he is resurrecting her thru divine union.  Satan represents consciousness, it represents illumination thru the rising of the Kundalini Energies, from the unification of both Female and Male principles that the religious God wanted them to stay away from.  In the Bible Jesus talks about him being the Groom and the Church being his BRIDE!  This again is a parable for the Divine Nexus.  Jesus being the Living Perpendicular who enters the open door of the Church.  The Church willfully opens her doors and allows Jesus to enter her Holy Sanctuary! [goddamn!]  

Lastly we have to take another look at Moses parting the Sea.  Moses has his STAFF, an elongated erect stick, you already know where the fuck I am going with this because you are seeing things different now.  You say well anyone can manipulate scripture and make it say what they want it to say…EXACTLY goddammit!  That is the beauty of mythology, you make your spirituality mean whatever the fuck you want, but to make it real it must resonate with the SELF, if it is about somebody else thousands of years ago what fucking good does that do for you?  So back to this STAFF, Moses parts the goddamn SEA with his staff, Moses’ staff of course represents the Phallus…the Divine Masculine, but the SEA which is much more grander and expansive represents the vagina of the woman or the Divine Feminine.  So the sea is split into two parts, each part represents the right and left lips of the vagina and Moses uses his Staff to part the seas.  Again if this shit seems pornographic to you, then I suggest you take the blue pill and take your ass to sleep!

There is nothing pornographic about the divine union of the female and male.  There are many more myths and divine motif constructs in scripture that can be reconstructed from a higher mental vibration, but if you are stuck in religious dogma the mind will always stay in the matrix!

Book called  “RELIGION THE REAL MATRIX” coming out soon.


Power to the goddamn People!

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