This is a verse in the bible that is attributed to Jesus. “I go to prepare a place, that where I am you may be also”. Now the Christian believes this means that the PLACE is heaven. That Jesus actually went to a literal place in space called heaven to get your place ready for you after you die. Now for me I see this in the eyes of the ancestors. Anything that is OUT THERE is RELIGION, anything that comes from WITHIN is SPIRITUALITY. Now Jesus was a fictional character but all knowledge from Bible and Quran comes from African spirituality that has been re-processed then given back to you in the form of religion. So to GO AND PREPARE A PLACE is the MIND! If one studies Malcolm, he will go and PREPARE a place. If you study the Honorable Marcus Garvey, he will PREPARE a place. Where is this place? Your mind! So that where he is you may be also. You have to have the MIND of Malcolm and Garvey or Imhotep. But they have to prepare the place(the mind) and how does one PREPARE such a place? STUDY!  If one studies your ancestors, then you can be where they are. The one that never studies can NEVER be where Imhotep or Garvey is. So where is heaven? Its a LOFTY PLACE, nothing more lofty or a supreme place than an ELEVATED MIND!   HOTEP,   RA FOR LIFE!

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