In the religious context, the statement….Put on the whole armor of God, means to arm yourself with God’s word. That if you read the Bible or Quran and follow what these books say, you are putting on “The armor of God”.  But what if you get diabetes and they chop off your damn foot,  was your foot not covered by that same armor? What if they take out your appendix, was not your appendix not covered by the blood of Jesus? The shit is silly, If one elevates this to a spiritual context it has a different meaning. To arm oneself with “The armor of God”  means the ACCUMULATION of knowledge. But one just cant stop there, its the APPLICATION of that same knowledge. When one acquires knowledge AND applies it, THIS IS THE ARMOR OF GOD!  In fact the more knowledge one acquires the more ARMOR! Because knowledge should dictate your words and actions. It should be carried into your WAY OF LIFE. How one plans their day and life should be based in knowledge. Not a goddamn BELIEF, because belief can get your ass killed! One needs knowledge then applying that knowledge in life will give you ARMOR. An ignorant person HAS NO ARMOR and in life you will see them go thru the same shit over and over again, that most times are totally AVOIDABLE. But because their life is based in EMOTION AND BELIEF, they go thru a tumultuous life. Having knowledge does not mean you will not have obstacles in your life or trials, but you will understand they are there to ENHANCE the knowledge and wisdom you ALREADY have. One with knowledge will recognize the trial as a LEARNING TOOL, not the goddamn devil under the earth getting back at you for not reading the Bible enough. As long as you BREATH you will experience trial, it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with a man in a red suit and horns. You and I catch hell from a REAL devil ON TOP ON THE EARTH, we don’t need another one UNDER IT!  But also don’t acqure knowledge to show how many damn books you have but haven’t read a damn one. So again the ARMOR OF GOD is the acquirement of knowledge, then the application of knowledge for everyday life. Now African people you can choose the Christian way or the SPIRITUAL WAY, but choose WISELY.     RA FOR LIFE.   HOTEP



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