Why is it that whenever you see a picture of Jesus there is a SUN (RA) behind him? Go look at any picture of Jesus and you will see the SUN behind his head. Black people think you are following a man named Jesus and the devil took AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY AND MYTHOLOGY and turned the shit around. Chewed it up and regurgitated the shit back to you and called it religion, PSALM 84:1….For the lord god is a SUN and a shield. In Christian religion, Jesus is the SON of god, but in ALL indigenous spiritual systems GOD WAS THE SUN! So in the mythology…it was the SON OF THE SUN but the white man made this into a REAL MAN named Jesus. Jesus always talked about how ALL his power came from the FATHER, so the father or god was backing him. So when you look at the picture this why the SUN IS ALWAYS BEHIND HIM. This is the source of his power…he is the SON OF THE SUN. Also you will notice its always behind his HEAD, why his head? There will be at times a HALO around his head, this shit is ALL SYMBOLIC.  JESUS NEVER EXISTED, JESUS NEVER EXISTED, JESUS NEVER EXISTED! This is actually you black man and woman. You are the TRUE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF RA! You are looking in space for your SAVIOR and it has always been you! The HALO represents INTELLECT! A illuminating person but it is the intellect that illuminates you, so your DOME or HEAD is beaming with LIGHT! Because the father (THE SUN) is backing him from a semantical stand point. Without the SUN there is no life, so when I say…RA FOR FUCKING LIFE, its on many levels. When the KUNDALINI ENERGY raises up to from the base of the spine to the BASE of the skull, which is what TEHUTI’S STAFF  really represents. There are 12 CRANIAL NERVES, this is your 12 DISCIPLES ( the Caucasian has 2-4) The JESUS that sits above the 12 DISCIPLES is the PINEAL GLAND that sits above the 12 cranial nerves. Stop looking for a nigga 2000 years ago. In AFRICAN mythology there was a deity called AMEN RA. AMEN means hidden and RA means god… THE HIDDEN GOD, a fully functioning PINEAL GLAND when used correctly will FULLY illuminate the person, you are the HIDDEN GOD but its hidden under the filth and shit of religion and wrong thinking! Someone told you AMEN means “SO BE IT”. All 3 religions say this word after their prayer and are TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to its AFRICAN ORGIN. Black people are called the CHILDREN OF THE SUN, it is you who are the SUNS ( GODS FIRST BORN) but we are so disrespectful of self that we have ordained the COPY as the REAL and the REAL as  FAKE. So when you see another picture of JESUS and you see that SUN behind his head, really understand what you are looking at my beloved family.   RA FOR LIFE   HOTEP

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