This title came along as I was thinking of the condition of this world.  The world and this planet is in a terrible condition.  I say the World and the Planet because they are not the same.  The World is in a bad state because of  the mental condition of the people in the world.  There are more people in insane asylums than ever before.  The youth are killing themselves because someone was “mean” to them on social media.  Women are physically changing their bodies to “unnatural looks” to get more clicks on Instagram.  That is a sad state the world is in. When I say the planet I mean the physical condition of the planet.  More waste poured on her, more digging into her, more cutting of trees from this planet than ever before by UNNATURAL PEOPLE!  So the world and the planet are in a terrible condition, but what does this have to do with God being lonely?

So when God made the Planet, and when I say God made this planet, please understand that I am totally being facetious!  In no way do I believe in some Space Ghost with invisible hands that made a physical planet!  But I am pondering the question of why this God let things get fucked up when things were so perfect!  The conclusion I am came up with is God must be lonely!  Now when this beneficent God made all the trees, deer, butterflies, clean air, whales, flowers, rivers, etc , etc, etc he had to gaze over his perfect creation with adoration in what he has completed and patted himself on the back with his invisible hand.  Now he has done all this work and of course he has to rest on the 7th day.  Now as he is resting,  I am sure he cant but notice how damn quiet it is on the planet.  The only thing that breaks the silence is the chirping of the birds, but that is mundane to the invisible ears of the Lord, he needs and desires MORE! 

So the deer cant say his name, the wasp cant praise his name, and the buffalo cant build 50,000 seated arenas to fill up with believers.  In fact all the animals and all the plants don’t even notice that there is such a thing as God and they pay God NO ATTENTION and go about their lives as animals unbeknownst to this invisible creator.  So this all powerful, all omniscient, ever present God, gets caught up in his feelings because no one is paying him any fucking attention so he says “You know what, I will make a human being that can talk and think, but I will send people to speak on my behalf to tell them to praise me or I will kill them”!  So this all powerful God due to his fucking ego, insecurities, and loneliness did exactly that, made a weak portrait of himself that was capable of genuflecting to this ego maniac God.

So now you have the human on the planet, with different hues and colors, and different Religions!  So naturally there is conflict, and from conflict comes death.  But this omniscient God had to see all this happening, but what he also saw coming was the praise!  He got what he wanted, the praise and the acknowledgement at the expense of mass murder in his name!  Jews are killing Muslim and Muslims are killing Christians and God looks at all this and says “Look,  they are all fighting over ME”!  He allows it and even promotes the shit in his holy and righteous books that are dedicated to him.  But as I said, in the beginning there was this pristine planet where everything was clean, fresh and quiet, why would God replace that planet for the shit hole world we have now unless he was Lonely!


Power to the Goddamn People!

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