Despite Religion being the dominate factor in the separation of people on the planet, delve deeper and you will see who is REALLY dividing the planet and who the REAL Hell Raiser is.  Look at the Indigenous countries on the planet and ask yourself why are they NOT AT WAR with other countries?  Is Africa at war with Cuba?  Is Mexico at war with Canada?  Is India at war with Venezuela?  Then look at America, who is it at war with?  America goes all around the world pointing fingers at other countries that they are the reason why there is instability in the earth, and that America is the peacemaker for the planet.  Let me give you the psychological definition of what “Projection” is… Projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings”.

This is exactly what America is doing when it blames someone else for the shit they are doing.  America has been at War or some military conflict for 220 years of its 240 existence.  Let that shit sink in, America has been in some fucking conflict for ALL if its existence except for 20 years!  But it has the nerve to point fingers at other countries and blames them for instability.  Do you know how fucking crazy and inhuman you have to be for a country to be in conflict incessantly?  But this same country will tell you how “Christian” they are and they are a shinning country on top of a hill.  The last War Iran was in was against Iraq and it was instigated by America.  The conflict between the Palestinians and Israel is instigated by America, Israel gets all its weapons from America and America has sided with Israel for the last 70 years.  Did you know that in 1967, a United States ship called the USS Liberty was shot up and killed U.S. sailors by the Israel Air Force and not a goddamn thing happened to Israel for the incident.

North Korea is at war with ONE country, and its not South Korea…its America!  Afghanistan has been at war with America for 20 years.  The World came very close to a Nuclear War in the 60’s and the conflict was between the Soviet Union and guess who?  America!  Look at the Muslim world, other countries may have conflict with pockets of Muslim communities in their countries, but what single country has conflicts with MULTI MUSLIM COUNTRIES?  Fucking America!  The point I am making is this country is a HELL RAISER, and it is a virus on this planet because it foments and instigates division between the darker people of the planet.  Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Cuba, Palestine all have conflicts with America and it has its military footprint in hundreds of countries, this is abnormal and an aberration to the stability of the Earth.

Just sit back and look around the earth and see where there is conflict, and see if America is directly involved or has some proxy actor there on its behalf.  This again is abnormal and I have said before, no European country in history has lasted for more than 350 years in rulership from Greece, Rome, to Britain and I guarantee you that America who is presently at 244 will not make another 100.  Now imagine a World where this War monger does not exist?  World Peace would actually be attainable.  The tangible benefits would be a cleaner Earth, with cleaner air.  So at this present moment when you say “This is the DEVILS WORLD“!  You are exactly right!


Power to the Goddamn People!

Book coming out by Summer called…RELIGION THE REAL MATRIX!

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