When I say “Shock of the Hour“, I am not speaking of 60 minutes or even time of day.  When I say Shock of the Hour, I am speaking of EPOCH of time!  A period of time when one comes to the realization that things will never be the same again.  As individuals this concept is easy to understand [ I am building a foundation for my point] when we were young,  we could stay up all night and play all day the next day.  Today we need to have our asses in bed by 11 or we are fucked up for the next day.  Those days of staying up all day and night are in our past.

What about a people who have come to the realization that things will never be the same?  Their epoch of time of rulership has come to an end,  and this is clear from the most ignorant to the most wickedly wise.  When you are a minority on the planet paranoia becomes a real priority.  Let me paint a vivid picture of the upcoming Shock of the Hour!  When you are going to take over an enemy,  you do it from the outside, as it relates to geography.  Why do I say this?  If you notice when America goes to war to take over an enemy, they go there from the outside.  No one is allowed to come here!  Now of course before you take over an enemy from the outside you must send spies to the inside of the country to make a survey  to see where they are the weakest.  Now most times America takes over a country via its military,  and due to its overwhelming military strength it can make a country submit.  But there is another way to take over a country, and that way is America will create a coup from within the country, and its OWN CITIZENS will take over the country on behalf of America.  But karma has a goddamn GPS

This is what is going on in America,  her borders are capsizing on her with immigrants.  California is flooded, Texas is flooded, Florida is flooded, New York is flooded.  These are border states and Black and Brown immigrants are coming from the outside and pushing inward.  Eventually as more and more melanated people come to America, they will amalgamate with Whites and produce melanated babies.  They will take the jobs of whites, get into conflicts with whites, move into positions where whites dominated, that includes Religion, Politics, Business and Entertainment.  As these border states of Black and Brown start to grow they will push white people to a concentrated small mass in the center of America and that center will eventually get smaller and smaller until its gobbled up.  And THIS is the SHOCK OF THE HOUR!

The moment in the epoch of time when the whites of this country have just lost the numerical majority in America.  When this realization happens, ALL parties know there is no coming back.  You cant fuck yourself back into existence.  This is why Trump and others in Europe have been so successful and they have gravitated towards him because innately even the most ignorant of them see the Shock of the Hour!  To be honest I see no blame in the paranoia,  the first Law of Nature is Self Preservation,  so this is a natural response. The problem is what if you as a people have been in control for so long and you have abused, robbed, lied, stole, murdered, raped the people that now are going to be the NEW majority?   Think of the amount of stress due to the paranoia of the mind as they think “What the hell will they DO to us if they get in power?”  The building of a WALL is just a failed metaphor to attempt to stop the inevitable!

In part two I will use your bible to show where God doesn’t give a fuck about your weak hearts and how eventually ALL who exploit, whether individual or country will have to pay the price for  such behavior because karma has a fucking GPS!


Power to the goddamn People!

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