This is part 2 of a series about what happens in a world when a society has been accustomed to being the center piece and world ruler, but now they have to mentally adjust because the world will NEVER be the same again.  In your holy book called bible there is a verse where God says he has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end, You have been weighed on the scales and been found wanting.  Anyone who knows me or have read my blogs will say “If you don’t believe in God, why are you using biblical scripture to make your point”?  I am throwing a wide net to catch the minds of those who may open their minds for just a moment, but even in nature everything comes to an end, and even the most ignorant know that in this circle of life everything comes back to you.  So when you shit on the vulnerable, guess what’s going to happen?

But what about these “Secret Societies” that run the world, how can they be stopped?  Even these are not sustainable, they are run by old European males and the indigenous people on the planet have a younger melanated society that hunger for equality and wont allow their country be ruined by the European elite.  But the African nations have to be aware of the” Trojan Horse “that comes in Chinese form.  In antiquity in Africa many times a foreigner was not able to conquer the country militarily, so what they did was the Males in the foreign country would marry the African women or have babies with African women, then educate and send their SONS back into Africa as the Trojan Horse half breed to do the will of the foreign fathers, and the Chinese are doing this RIGHT NOW!

The European is desperately trying to hold on to power, but I have said many times that Karma has a goddamn GPS, so lets go back to your precious bible where God says ” I will visit the sins of the father unto the children, even unto the 3rd and 4th generations”.  Now many White people will constantly tell Black people ” I didn’t have anything to do with slavery, that was my fore- parents”.  But God in your bible doesn’t give a fuck about you not committing the crime, because you profited from your fathers wickedness, maybe not as an individual but as a Nation of people, this makes you implicated in the fucking crime!  So if a people cant sustain itself numerically on the planet, or it cant produce a disease that can kill all African people because the gene is so goddamn strong.  They cant shoot enough of us, what the fuck will happen if the enemy of your enemy becomes your friend?

Meaning the Black and Brown become comrades? Then the shit is checkmate!  Understand this is not about hating the European, but it is about both black and brown been exploited by the European into been enemies to one another and allowing natural resources and currency leave their hands and go into the hands of the tiny few on this planet.  A change of power has to happen from the OLD regime of European domination to look like what the world actually represents, and that is predominately Black and Brown.  Now I am all about African Nationalism, where we protect, defend, and sustain SELF which is the Law of Nature, but I also realize black and brown cant stay enemies.

America which has been in existence for 240 years, but has been in some War or military conflict for 220 years, this tells you that a change is desperately needed. It also shows you that Americas very existence is predicated on WAR!  Islamic fanatics only exist as a by-product of Americas wicked foreign policies, which becomes exploited as Christianity against Islam or Islam against Judaism which is all the SAME bullshit game been played by the SAME European elite, which again is not sustainable. There will be a realignment in structural Human Power, and the European will have to take his natural place, THIS is the Shock of the Hour!   ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!



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