All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to our elders, those who will read this and those who will not. And praise to all the African Kings and Queens…yet to be born. ASE’

This is just in time for what is called Easter. Every year millions of people practice something called Easter. Now the shit is NOT in the bible, so where did you get this shit from? If Jesus died on a particular day, and easter is to celebrate his resurrection, then why is the shit sometimes in March and sometimes in April? If his ass was real and he existed, then his resurrection would have happened on a certain and particular day, and THAT DAY would be the SAME DAY every fucking year!

Now what the fuck does COLORED EGGS have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? So, you as African people are practicing shit you have no knowledge of its history. So, let’s look at this madness again. You are worshipping a WHITE savior, who’s resurrection vacillates from March and April every year. Its practice is NOT in your holy book, and lastly you throw in some fucking-colored eggs! What kind of people are you? You have been thoroughly and completely turned inside out, and you are other than who you should be, so much so that you are a total aberration!

In the Europeans history called the “Dark Ages”, where they walked in gross darkness, they had a ritual that they would practice after winter to “hopefully” bring in Spring. Again, this is the European. So, their women would paint or color themselves, then go hide in the forest in hopes that a man would find them, and if they were found they would engage in sex right there on the ground in the goddamn forest! They, the European thought that THIS ritual would usher in the Spring season. The EGGS represent fertility, the rabbit represents fertility! What does a goddamn rabbit have to do with Jesus? Now some MEN would color themselves “in hopes” to be found to also engage in sex with the men. Now you can take this shit or disbelieve it, makes me no difference. I am not giving you religion…belief is NOT a requirement! This is the ORIGIN of coloring the eggs, then hiding them, and now your crazy ass is doing the same damn thing!

In their ignorance they even believed that if a goddamn rodent saw its shadow, that would determine if winter would be another six weeks…are you understanding the MINDSET they were in, while at the same time exporting this Jesus figure as a real person who lived in space. Now I haven’t even gotten to my subject of what it is to TRULY RESURRECT, but I need to lay a foundation of shit thinking, and people believing in madness without using the discipline of history as the litmus test before following something just because the dominant culture believes in it.

fucking madness!

Now why has not the masses of people not questioned that some WHITE MAN was dead in a cave for 3 DAYS, then got up and walked his ass out, and got on a goddamn CLOUD and floated into space! Again, this is just shit thinking and I will show you the AFRICAN depiction of where this was stolen and plagiarized. In 2021 Easter was APRIL 4TH, in 2022 Easter is APRIL 17TH. Showing you that they are NOT celebrating someone that actually died, but you are celebrating a pagan ritual that is all about the resurrection of the Earth after its death during winter.

It’s called the Spring Equinox. The root word of Equinox is EQUAL, meaning on that day the LIGHT of the day will be EQUAL to the night, and every year the SUN-DAY following the Spring Equinox is Easter, and this is why it is sometimes in March and sometimes in April. NONE of this shit has anything to do with your Jesus. The European stole pagan rituals and incorporated them into Christianity in order to beguile more people to come to Christianity. This shit is not hard to understand or verify, but if you want to continue to believe that an amazing white man floated his ass into space after being dead for 3 days, I will leave you where you are…for you are NOT ready for real ascension!

Now this part in particular is dedicated to African people, but at the end I will tie all this shit together and make it inclusive for all. If the European gave you Christianity during slavery, once you became so-called free, there should have been 2 things in particular that you should have done immediately after slavery…Number One, change your goddamn name from Johnson, Culpepper, Smith, Jackson, etc to an African name. Number Two, change your religion from whatever the slave master gave you to one that connects you back to Africa. These two should have been done the very next day after slavery!

ALL religions or spiritual systems that he told you to stay away from like voodoo, witchcraft or magic you should have immediately ran to. Anyone that treated you like the European and the Arab under Islam, have no moral compass to suggest to you a goddamn thing as it relates to religion, morality and spirituality.



If you look at the depiction above, this is where it was ALL stolen from. You see the two angels at the feet of Jesus, but as you can see the shit was stolen from the two African female deities Auset and Nepthys at the feet of RA. Now RA here represents the African Male, for the Male to be resurrected, he can ONLY have his resurrection through the woman. If you take another look, you will see the depiction of the SUN, under the Sun is the African symbol the Ankh, and under the Ankh is what is called the DJED PILLAR. The Djed Pillar represents the “Spinal Canal“. So, what you are looking at in this depiction is the rising of the Christ Consciousness and Kundalini Energy through the Spinal Canal all the way up to the Pineal Gland, which is represented by the SUN! And it is initiated through the UNION of the female…THIS is true resurrection! Not some nigga in a fucking cave floating to space!

Let’s delve more into this bullshit story. Jesus says after you resurrect to him in space, he will make a NEW EARTH and a NEW HEAVEN, and all former things will pass away. Now my question is what the fuck is wrong with the present heaven that Jesus needs to make another one? And ALL the shit that is at the OLD heaven what do you do with it, have a heaven yard sale? And where is this NEW heaven going to be located at? Again, nothing but shit thinking! This is ALL Metaphysical conversation.

The NEW heaven and NEW earth are speaking of the SELF! The new heaven is the MIND, and the new earth is the BODY! Again, this shit is not hard to understand, but to have a NEW heaven and a NEW earth there needs to be a NEW proper knowledge of the Self, and this proper knowledge of Self MUST come from your OWN damn culture… no people other than SELF, can give you knowledge of yourself. That shit should be self-evident! No Arab, Mexican, European or Indian no matter their intelligence can properly teach an African of their OWN history and culture without some of their OWN bias seeping into the goddamn discourse.

But once a person has a proper and thorough knowledge of themselves, that MIND or heaven will produce and make changes that will benefit the Earth or body, and it will become NEW! This is the beginning of your resurrection…If one does NOT change their thinking a new heaven and earth can NEVER come!

The SUN resurrects every day, and the Earth resurrects every year. These are only SIGNS of the SELF! Every day, just like the Sun when it dies, something in YOU must die that does not bring you light, or benefit the coming of the new heaven or earth. Since it is every day the Sun dies and resurrects, there should be micro things that we can discard on a daily basis. But the earth dies and resurrects every YEAR, so every year these micro changes should translate to macro changes. So, every day and every year you should be trying to have a rebirth or resurrection, so you are NOT the same person you were yesterday or last year.

If your thought process and how you come to conclusions, including your spiritual format are the SAME as last year, as it was for the last 20 years, then you are the same person that has had no ascension in your life, and this is the state for the masses of the human family…which is truly sad!

But if resurrection was and is for ONE PERSON 2000 years ago, you will never look for it within the Self! And if it happens for you after you physically DIE, this concept was given to the ignorant masses by an enemy to make and keep you a slave and docile negro till death! With this mindset, resurrection will never happen for you…a new heaven and earth awaits the wide awaken ones!

May we as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments, FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY.

And may we as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths, Our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM, and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!


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