Now I want you to just think about that title for a second, that there is a chosen people.  First of all what the hell are they chosen to do?  African people been on this planet for over a million years, but God waited a few thousand years ago to choose a people to be his favorite… does that make any goddamn sense?  Lets go into this deeply family.

God made this infinite universe with untold amount of planets, but on this small planet we call earth, he chose a small group of people out of Europe of all places to be his favorite and chosen people… now isn’t that convenient?  Why do I say out of Europe?  There are two books that relate to this topic, one is called “The Transfer Agreement” by Edwin Black which talks about the history of Europeans making a deal with Nazi’s to transfer white Jews out of Europe into Palestine.  It talks about the manufactured story of white Jews fictionalizing a plot to convince the world why they should be in Palestine and that is their original homeland in antiquity.  The second book is called “The 13th Tribe” by Arthur Koestler about a small group of Europeans that converted to Judaism in the 8th century and have no ties at all to Palestine, Jerusalem or any so called holy city.  So a few white folks out of Europe just made up some shit about them being God’s chosen,  and what makes this so egregious is that they put the shit in God’s mouth that he made this mandate for the whole world to obey…just fucking wicked!

The earth is literally like a grain of sand in this infinite universe and on this grain of sand he chose a small white group who call themselves Jews to be his chosen, now just read that shit again.  If you know that you are the real minority on the planet, it becomes imperative for genetic survival that you invent such theology and that you penalize anyone with jail or loss of income if they dare challenge such theology, even though such theology can not be backed in any way with historical evidence.  Now just grasp this madness for second,  you have this White God who has to hold up all the planets in the universe and maintain all the planets in the universe, make sure the Sun doesn’t get to close to any of surrounding planets, but he has time to mandate to a spec of dirt [ in relationship to the rest of the universe] that I chose a few white folks to be special to me, if that shit makes any goddamn sense to you then you need to stop reading  any further.

Now the European Christian wasn’t going to be out done, so they manufactured and joined with their own white lie and said the same White God sent his white son and if you believe in this white God and Son that I have fashioned for you… you too will be his chosen though you have Black skin!  What is so amazing to me is that even to this very day and in this information age, this lie is still believed by the masses of African people and African people will fervently defend this lie and untold masses have gone to their graves with this thought and image as their  last thought and image after they gave their last breath. When you stop and think on that and the ignorant energy given to defend the indefensible,  it is  truly astonishing to me.

Lets end with a metaphysical understanding of the theme The Chosen People.  The Christian talk about the 144,000 chosen which are called the “Sons of Light”.  This biblical story is just as asinine as the Jewish one that God chose a 144,000 out of billions to be his chosen one’s, the shit that religion attempts to sell and people keep buying blows my goddamn mind.  A different meaning for me is that knowledge makes you a light,  so knowledge makes you a Son of light!  144,000 is not a real number, but in this vast number of human beings on the planet, what will separate them from the masses is there will be a few who will have their own light,  a light that will allow them to lead SELF!  This will be the true “Chosen of God”,  but God does not choose you… you ARE the God!  but it is YOU that chooses the SELF,  and that happens ONLY when one acquires a proper knowledge of Self!

On a personal note,  African people are called the PEOPLE OF THE SUN,  now don’t get your jaws tight if you are reading this and happen to be European and think I am doing some “reverse racism” [ whatever the fuck that means] but what I am saying is that due to our heavy carbon bodies,  the Sun resonates with us more than any other human because we have the most carbon or melanin in our bodies,  thus we are called THE SUN PEOPLE or the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF RA!   ASE’ ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

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