All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this, and this who will not. And praise to ALL the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born!


This is part 3 of “Serpent in the Wilderness”. In part two we went over the significance of the number 7, and we will continue along those same lines in part 3. I mentioned that in the bible the number 7 is said over 700 times, which shows you its spiritual significance. In part 3 we will continue to show the metaphysical meaning of the number and how it relates to the Chakra and Kabballah system. When you talk about the Kundalini Energy, the Chakra system, the number 7 and the Kabballah system…. IT’S ALL THE SAME spiritual system, but under different names.

In the far east it may be called Kundalini Energy, in ancient Kemet it may be called the Uraeus or Goddess Wadjet. Now, the Jewish community was introduced to what is called the Kabballah. I say “introduced” because it was first introduced into Spain by the AFRICAN in the 12th century. Let me say that shit again, it was introduced into Spain in the 12th century by the AFRICAN! Now I say the 12th century, but the African had come to Spain in 710 when it conquered it, but it couldn’t introduce the Kabballah spiritual system to the European in 710 because they were to damn barbaric to understand it at that time. So, it took another 500 years before they were civil enough to understand the system. Now, this African who came to Spain and ruled, civilized, taught, educated and intermixed with the European was at that time called the MOOR! He was there from 710-1492, now look at that damn date again…and what happened in 1492? That is when your boy Chrisopher Columbus decided to go to the “New World”, now do you think that is a damn coincidence? AFTER they were educated by the Moors, in 1492 Spain decided to expel the Moors and colonize the WORLD! A fucking lesson to learn for African people!

See the source image

Now, you can tell the word Kabballah has an African origin by its name. KA-BA-LLAH, in the word shows you its ancient Kemetic origin. Now the Moor is a descendant of ancient Kemet, they were forced into Islam by the threat of the sword if they didn’t convert, but the Muslim will tell you that there is NO COMPULSION in Islam…which is historic bullshit!

In ancient Kemet we had a spiritual system called KA BA. The Arab stole the damn concept, and came up with a damn Cube House where God lives, not understanding the REAL KA BA was the Spirit and the Soul of the human being…not a damn brick house!



Now, back to the Serpent in the Wilderness. So, you have the SAME system, just told in different names. If you look at the Chakra system and juxtapose it with the Kabballah, it is the same…the rising of the Kundalini Energy concept. Don’t get caught up in the name of the system, just the CONCEPT of the system! At the lower end of the Kabballah Tree, it represents the low vibration and primal instinct of the individual. As you go up the Kabballah Tree, the higher the vibrational energy of the individual. About 3/4 up the Kabballah Tree in the center circle you have something called the Daath. This is where the Heart Chakra would be at…again same system. It represents the doorway to the higher consciousness.

So, just like the Chakra system, once you go pass the Heart Chakra you pass into the doorway or Upper Room or higher consciousness…YOU enter the realm of God or the knowledge of the Self! On the back of the Kabballah is what is called the Gliphoth Tree, this represents the dark side of the Tree, or the dark side of the Self. In part 4, we will go over the Gliphoth and its meaning.


May WE as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY! And may WE and Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths, our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!



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