All praise to our Ancestors, those that are known and those that are unknown. Praise to the Elders that may read this, and those that will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born!


At the end of my blogs, I say a pledge that all African people, home and abroad should strive to do. It reads as follows…”May we as Individuals and as a People, overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY. And may we as Individuals and as a People, embrace our 3 greatest strengths, our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION! Now I have already wrote a blog on our impediments, please take some time and read that one. This blog is the pledge for us to embrace our 3 greatest strengths.

We will start with our African Culture. Now I didn’t say just Culture, I said African Culture! When a people don’t know who they are, they will adopt whatever the dominant culture is. For us here in North America, that culture is without a doubt European culture! So, here we are as African people that live in America, and we as a people have adopted a culture that despises African people. Now, I want you to read that again, and try to understand the mental decadence a people have to be in to adopt a culture that despises them.

And to further the mental depravity of African people, not only have you adopted another culture other than your OWN, but you hate your own culture! Goddamn, what a thorough job has been done in destroying the MIND of a people!

So, I am only trying to get us to practice SANKOFA, to turn or look back at our Ancient Self, and grasp the golden egg or jewel that will break the spell of Self-hate! In your bible, this is the story of Lott’s wife who looked back and turned into a Pillar of Salt. The prophet Lott of your bible represents Religion, and he is leading us away from our ancient origin of birth, and a licentious story was concocted for us to hate our origin of Self. And the nail in the coffin was, we were told that this foreign God told us to walk away and don’t LOOK BACK!

But it was Lott’s wife, who represents the African woman that had the courage to say NO! I will not turn my back on our culture, just because a foreign God said to. A sign to African men of why the Woman is actually the real God, and not a damn Space Ghost! Your own bible says, “To be the SALT of the earth”, and this is what Lott’s wife represents.

But back to culture. Culture represents a whole host of things. It is like an Umbrella, and everything lies underneath the umbrella that represents the Culture. From your culture comes your name, your language, your dress code. Your culture shows you how to relate Female to Male. Your education comes from your culture. Your diet and religion all come out from the culture. Now read ALL these again, and whose language do you speak? What name do you wear? Who taught you how and what to think? And finally, what fucking religion and God do you recognize? And you wonder why African people in North America and throughout the planet are crazy and out of their damn minds!


Next is NATIONALISM! Now everyone practices Nationalism…except for Black people! No one looks out for Jews and Israel more than Jews. And when Jews do it, it is considered prudent and expedient. No one patrons’ Mexican stores more than Mexican people. Try an open a Leroy’s Barbeque in Chinatown and see how many Asians will support you, they will not even allow you to open the goddamn restaurant in their community! But not YOU, everyone can come and set up shop where you live, and then treat you like shit in your own damn community! Tupac has a song about how an Asian woman killed a young black girl named Latasha over what she “assumed” was a goddamn stolen orange juice.

It only becomes a problem when Black people want to service, school, patron, protect and defend ourselves… THEN it’s a goddamn problem, and is considered “reverse racism”! OUR racism can’t be regular, our racism has to go in fucking reverse!

A perfect example of Nationalism was when Black people lived in Tulsa Oklahoma. They were independent and lived amongst themselves, but for some goddamn reason this bothered white people, so they got a white woman to say she was raped by a black man in order to justify mass murder and pillage! They even dropped a goddamn napalm bomb from the air on black people, the first time ever a bomb was dropped on American citizens by its OWN no-good damn government!


So, everyone is allowed to freely practice Nationalism…except African people! Last is SELF-PRESERVATION!

Now Self Preservation is the FIRST LAW of Nature! Every animal, every species by nature practices the First Law of Nature which is Self-Preservation! Through our thorough indoctrination of Self Hate, we go against nature and see one another as enemies, so it has been impossible for us to practice Self-Preservation. But again, this is why it is so important to study history, because there we can see where this self-hate began. This is why you should never let another people tell you to forget slavery and move the fuck on! Slavery was the primary breeding ground that the inculcation of African self-hate was manufactured, so it’s no wonder the European wants us to forget about slavery. If African people practiced Self-Preservation, not only would men protect one another, but we would defend even to the death those that abused black women, even paradoxically if it was another black man.

Self-Preservation promotes the protection of the SELF, woman and the African child. And since we are talking about “SELF”-Preservation, we would be against the practice of homosexuality. Why? Because it does not promote Self-Preservation, it is antithetical for the preservation of African people! In fact, it is a form of Self-induced birth control, because that lifestyle does NOT promote the continuation of the species. Now do not charge me with hate, to say that Self-Preservation and homosexuality are opposing lifestyles is a fact, but in no way do I advocate the hate of another person due to their choice of lifestyle, but I can disagree with it and not hate it.

Now along those same lines is abortion. To engage in abortion is also against Self-Preservation, abortion does NOT promote Self-Preservation, to MANY of our babies have been aborted in this country and throughout the world! But as an added caveat, I would never mandate to a woman what she can do with her body, she has sovereignty over her body and NO MAN should have such power over it! Only thing I can do is suggest, the SAVIOR you are looking for will come from YOUR womb, so think about your actions before you commit sis.

THESE are our 3 greatest strengths, our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION. If we as Individuals and as a People collectively instituted these 3 as a lifestyle, we would be a stronger and more vibrant people on the earth.


Power to the goddamn People!

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