All praise to our Ancestors, those that are known, and those that are unknown. Praise to the Elders, those that may read this, and those that will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings….yet to be born.

We have ALL heard of Magic, but what is it really? Magic is NOT really practiced, until it is practiced on SELF! Now I have said many times that there is NO such thing as evil spirits. Evil is a religious construct, so that makes the whole thing manufactured!

The spirit world is energy, so you can’t put a moral construct to energy. WE in our ignorance and religious dogma, manufacture in our OWN mind what is evil and what is good. It is as analogous as calling hair “good or bad” hair. How the fuck can HAIR be good or bad? What the hell does this have to do with the subject? Well so it is with magic. There is no good or bad magic. MAGIC is the vehicle, what one does in the vehicle does not make the vehicle evil or good, but it is the operator of the vehicle and their intent, that makes it evil or good. When one speaks of “White or Black” magic, through their OWN biases they may apply their religious and racist dogma to it and say white is GOOD magic and black is evil magic. The shit just is not hard to see this flaw in their thinking.

White and Black magic is energy, energy, energy! White magic is for healing, to prosper and blessings. Black magic is for protection, punishment and war time! Neither is good or bad, but both are necessary!

But back to the subject, to practice Magik on the SELF is when one is practicing real magic! Spirituality must resonate from within then outward. So, one of the best ways to practice magic is during a storm. Now when I say a storm, I don’t mean the weather. I mean the best time to practice magic is when there is a storm in your life. When you are going through trial. And the best time is when you have to sleep! When one is busy, it’s easy to keep the mind occupied for the moment in order to not think of what is vexing you in life. Sade the singer has a verse in one of her songs that says, “Don’t lay awake late at night, worrying about your problems”. And THIS is what Magik really is!

Now it is easy to believe in the Ancestral world when shit is going well in your life, but when the storm comes is the real test. That’s the only way to really see if your foundation is strong. So, the house looks good, but there is a storm coming, let’s see how the house holds up during the storm. So, in the aftermath of the storm, you realize that there is a leak in the roof, and wind gets through one of the windows. If not for the storm, these defects would not present themselves to you. It is the same with your OWN foundation. You realize during a storm you can’t sleep, eat and your MIND can’t find any rest. During the storm is when you have to have faith in the UNSEEN and not lose sleep. Now the shit is hard and requires practice, it does not come easy… it is NOT supposed to.

Easy to sleep when there is no stress in your life, easy to practice magic then. But to be able to quiet the mind in the midst of a storm in your life, is the practice of real magic. To understand and believe that the UNSEEN [the Ancestors] are in control, even when you are not able to control the surrounding circumstances is your MAGIK! You are practicing magic on the SELF. Now as I said the shit is not easy. It is natural to think and obsess over shit that is happening in your life, but to quiet the mind and say to the SELF, there is an unseen power that is in control, so I will let my mind take its rest, this will take much practice.

Now of course the religious convert would say “What you speak of is no different from what we teach in the church, mosque or synagogue, our Space Ghost is also in control of everything”. I agree, there are some similarities, and of course BOTH come down to belief. But the only and greatest difference between the two is I CAN PROVE my Ancestors at one time was alive, but yours will always stay in the belief box!

Let me say again and again, religion is the by-product or the WASTE from Spirituality. It is the DUNG that Spirituality leaves behind. And because religion is the by-product from spirituality, there will always be similarities.

In religion, Space Ghost is UP THERE, and he oversees everything and dictates your possibilities. In Spirituality, your Ancestors move through YOU, and the conduit is MELANIN which is carbon based and makes it a universality that permeates the Universe. And this carbon or melanin connects you to the past and projects the MIND into the future to see where eyes can’t and hear what ears are unable to. THIS is what Spirituality and real Magik really is!

May we as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY.

And may we as Individuals and as People embrace our 3 greatest strengths…Our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!


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