SPIRIT vs SOUL [part one]


Let me FIRST open up with ALL praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the elders who may read this, and those that will not. Finally praise to all the African Kings and Queens yet to be born. This is my first blog to open up in that fashion, but it will be mandatory for that opening from now on. Respect to our Ancestors is a must, and I will make sure I practice what I preach…ASE’!

Now to our subject, the belief in a Spirit or Soul goes as far back in antiquity probably before the invention of writing, which no doubt is an African original art! I don’t give a fuck what the European says about this so-called civilization called Sumer. It does NOT predate the civilization of the “mainland” of Africa. I say “mainland” because Sumer was just the East part of Africa. Babylonia and Mesopotamia are all what they call Sumer, which is the eastern extension of the mainland of Africa.

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I don’t give a damn that the European says this so-called Sumer predates ancient Kemet, he is a damn liar and the truth is not in him! But let me also remind you that ancient Kemet is the daughter of Cush or Ethiopia. Let me say that again, Cush or what is now called Ethiopia is more ancient than Kemet, ancient Kemet is the daughter of Cush. So, if Sumer is NOT older than Kemet, it damn sure is not older than Cush! I know you are saying…Nigga what the fuck does this have to do with the subject? I am moved by the Ancestors to say this before I delve into my subject because someone needed to hear this. The European is obsessed with placing the beginning of civilization outside the mainland of Africa. He is obsessed with making sure the African on the continent and throughout the diaspora believes that ALL civilization started with HIS johnny come lately ass!

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excellent book on ancient Kemet and Cush by the Ancestor Dr. Ben!

The European even tried to say that the oldest human in existence was found in fucking England. Charles Dawson in 1912 manufactured a skull with a human head and a monkey jawbone and, said that humankind started in fucking England and called this man the “Piltdown Man”, to combat the fact that the oldest human fossils were of an African woman in Africa. Why would he say this? and what is in a people’s psychosis that they would want to dominate every fucking discipline? Dr. John Henry Clark said not only did the European colonize human beings, but they also colonized information! Read that shit again and think of the MIND of a people who needed to perform this act in order to feel secure about themselves. Try and understand the MIND of a people who needed this for their mental security!

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See the source image

I know, I know, what the fuck does this have to do with the fucking subject? Again, I hear and do what the Ancestors say for me to do, and they said this needed to be said first! Now, back to the subject….Spirit vs Soul is a totally subjective subject. There is no empirical evidence of something called a Spirit or Soul, but for the subject at hand we will entertain it strictly for philosophical and metaphysical purposes. So, since we will be dealing with belief, this belief has to resonate with the SELF! Now of course everyone believes that this so-called spirit and soul resides within the Self, but the problem arises when that same belief says its originator is somewhere outside of the Self, and has its location somewhere in fucking Space, pass the sun and moon and it sits in a big fucking chair…with transparent pajamas! THIS is the problem I have with religion, and I start to clown your monkey ass when you say the originator of the spirit and soul is outside of the Self!

ANYTHING that resonates outside the Self is Religion, and anything that resonates from within the SELF is Spirituality! Now in religion, our elementary thinking of spirit and soul is that there is a “little man” that is invisible that resides inside you, but when we die this little invisible man/woman floats out of us and goes BACK to its originator, which is in fucking Space! Now just read that shit again and ask yourself why intelligent people have not questioned this elementary type of thinking? First of all, where did you get this idea that something invisible called a spirit or soul lives inside of the human since the shit is invisible? Second, if it is invisible when we die where the hell did you get the idea that is floats out of you and goes UP to space heaven? This is just shit thinking!

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But what is so crazy about ALL this, is that it has an AFRICAN ORIGIN! Heru, why does everything have to have an African origin? I know, the shit is crazy, but ALL stories of religion have their origin in mythology. The problem is when the European concretized mythology into religion and made the shit real!

And if it started with mythology, whether you believe it or not is not a necessity, ALL mythology started with the African! It may seem biased, but unfortunately for some who may not like the shit, it’s just factual! Everyone from the Greek and Roman plagiarized, stole and copied then changed the names to protect the guilty! So, in part two I will go into the African origin of the Spirit and Soul going into space after death… where we got the belief into all this.

I will also go into the difference between the spirit and soul from a philosophical standpoint since we have no empirical evidence of the existence of either of them.

May we as Individuals and a People, overcome our 3 greatest impediments…Fear, Ignorance and Poverty. And may we as Individuals and a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths… Our African Culture, Nationalism and an unwavering commitment to Self-Preservation!



Power to the goddamn People!

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