THE LAST DUEL [part one]


I went to see this movie called “THE LAST DUEL”, it took place in like the 16th century. It was about a knight who went off to fight for the king, and while he was off fighting on behalf of the king, one of the king’s minions raped his wife. Now since historically the European has never had equality for his European women, it became the burden of the woman that was raped to prove her innocence. So they had a “DUEL”, if her husband won the duel then this was GOD’S PROVE that the woman was telling the truth. If her husband lost the duel, then she was obviously lying. Of course you can see this is a FULL PROVE plan and is bursting with fucking logic! So try and reason with this insane theory that was always levied against women, and to give it credence and worthiness, it was always sanctioned by bullshit religion and of course God!

,This post is about the power of pussy, and the insecurities of men! At ALL times men must rule over women to hide their insecurities, and women must turn down their shine as not to overwhelm her man. First let me showcase my OWN insecurity to show that I am not innocent either. Back in the day when I was married, my wife and I was on our way somewhere and she put on these tight ass jeans. I said “where you going with them on”? We got into this big argument until she finally conceded and took them off. Now she is with her husband, and she wants to shine her sexuality, but because at the time I was so damn insecure, I needed her to bring her shine down to accommodate my insecurity. Now what is so fucking crazy about all this is, if I saw her in those same damn jeans before we got married, I would have loved seeing her in them. Nothing is more powerful than pussy, men shouldn’t be ruled by it, but we should acknowledge and have respect for its power.

Now in the movie when the man found out his wife was raped, he said “Lay down, I wont have his seed being the last thing in you”! Read that shit again and try to understand the callous mind of a man that would tell his wife such madness after being raped and traumatized. Let me show you the power of pussy and the insecurities of men in mythology, but the mythology only mirrors what’s in the mind of the writer of the mythology. In Christian mythology, before there was Eve there was the female Lilith. Now in the mythology Lilith and Adam was made at the same time, and from the same source. Not this rib shit madness! Now when it came to the point where Adam wanted to have sex with Lilith, he demanded that she lay on her back so he could mount her. Well Lilith wasn’t having the shit so she rejected him and said she wanted to be on top, she said she was made equal and at the same time as he, so he had no authority over her. So finally after all the contention Lilith decided to leave the Garden, and God sent some angels after her to bring her back, but when they reached her she cussed they asses out and the angels told God “Listen man we cant do shit with that bitch, so if you want her to come back YOU need to go get her”! I am assuming the conversation went something like that, but anyway God himself didn’t even go after to deal with her so he decided to make Eve. So because of all this God made Eve more of a submissive creature than Lilith, but even Eve couldn’t deal with Adam’s punk ass and decided to go to the Tree of “good and evil”.

I say all that to say that at one point in the Catholic Church it was a SIN for the woman to be on top of the man during sex… I am just going to PAUSE here for a moment and let that shit sink in!

Now what is in the MIND of a man that he is so goddamn weak that he would need to codify this madness in religion?

See the source image

Back to Adam and Eve, so in religion I have heard some religious men say that the woman is the first devil! She is the first devil because she was the one who committed the first sin. Only in religion can you mandate such mental weakness and insecurity in order to rule over women. So God commands both Adam and Eve to stay away from the tree of knowledge, now why the fuck God would make a damn Tree of knowledge, then tell his children to stay away from it? This makes no fucking sense, but this is one of YOUR dumb ass stories! So Eve defies the order of God and goes there and sees a snake in a tree, and has a conversation with a fucking snake. You have grown ass men and women who believe this madness that even a five year old would question.

The snake convinces her to bit into the fruit, and her eyes become open! So by the bibles own admission when she ate the fruit her eyes opened up, which means under Gods rule she was kept ignorant, so much so that God says himself….”Look they have become like US, knowing good and evil”. So God purposely kept them from becoming God like he was, what other proof do you need that the God you been serving is the REAL enemy and devil! He is supposed to be the master of the Universe and bringer of worlds, but was furious of Eve for challenging his authority. He was insecure and needed to bring down Eve’s shine!

But this is ALL METAPHYSICS! The fruit represents the Pineal Gland and the snake in the tree represents the rising Kundalini Energy that rises up the spinal canal, which is the tree! When Eve takes a bit of the fruit, her Kundalini Energy has reached the 7th chakra and the Pineal Gland, and this is “partaking of the fruit”. This is the difference between religion and Spirituality, in religion you must condemn the woman, but in spirituality we celebrate her! She has the yoni, the pussy!

The whole story of Adam and Eve partaking of the fruit is an AFRICAN STORY! Let me say that again…The story of Adam and Eve partaking of the fruit is AFRICAN! It is taking directly from the mythology of the female Goddess Seshat having the fruit of Wisdom, and when a new Pharaoh [African King] took rule, he would invoke and ask the Goddess Seshat to give him the “fruit of Wisdom” so he could rule the kingdom wisely. The European not able to handle a female deity, twisted the goddamn story to condemn the female Goddess, so he changed the name to Eve and said “it was her” that committed the first sin, he was insecure of the Goddess Seshat and needed to turn down her shine.

See the source image
The King is sitting in the middle and the Goddess Seshat is on the right with the fruit of Wisdom. You can see the TREE in her background, and Tehuti is on the left being the messenger of the act!

In part two I will give you more examples of the immaturity and insecurity of the religious folklore, and its incessant attack on the woman due the man’s inability to handle the power of the pussy! And the Real Duel is US as men combating the SELF, and not letting our insecurity condemn and force our women to turn down their shine!



Power to the goddamn People!

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