BELIEF IS THE KEY [part two]


This is part two of BELIEF IS THE KEY, In part one I wanted to try and impress that “In my opinion” because we have no empirical evidence of the LIVING viability of the Universe that RESPONDS to the human psyche, but it is of my opinion that the human psyche and the Universe does communicate, and if the BELIEF is strong enough and in a consistent manner, it will have an indelible imprint that will respond and communicate BACK to the human psyche and bring into fruition its command. I want to give more examples in history via hero’s of mine who lacked and believed in the Self and their destiny.

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Now it hurts me to criticize Dr. Khallid because out of ALL the Ancestors, Dr. Khallid is the one person I try to emulate in strength and intelligence. But Khallid knew the Kemetic Spiritual system but still had allegiance to Allah and Islam. So he taught the value of Islam and Allah, but also taught Kemetic spirituality, you CANT do both! The fact that you are teaching both shows cracks in your belief! And I know there will be some who will try and defend the Ancestor by saying “Islam and its tenets all started in Africa by Africans”. That is a weak ass argument because so did Judaism and Christianity but you CANT teach about validity of Jesus and Moses and try and teach African spirituality at the SAME damn time! Get off the goddamn fence and pick a side so as not to confuse our people about the historicity of people that did not exist! STILL LOVE Khallid!

But while our brother Khallid was STILL in the Nation of Islam and under Minister Farrakhan he was unwavering in his conviction towards BOTH. But once he left the Nation of Islam he began to question the sagacity of Minister Farrakhan and the leadership in the Nation. His belief wavered which left him vulnerable and not protected. Now at the SAME time Farrakhan was hated not only by the European Jews, but also by the most powerful white men in America. But like his teacher Elijah Muhammad, his belief never waivered about who he was and who was protecting him. NO black man is beyond a white mans bullet, so something supernatural had to be protecting him. Now I am not giving ANY credence to the God Allah for his protection because that is subjective and moot, but what I am saying is his belief had to have left an indelible imprint on the Universe which solidified his protection. I will say again, it cant be the God factor because Martin Luther of the 16th century believed in a Christian God and yet he also was protected. Now the white people who may read this may not like the teachings of Elijah Muhammad or a Farrakhan, but my subject is not about the sagacity of their teachings, I am only talking about their belief in who they were and who was protecting them.

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Now to a person who was a Communist, so he had no particular religious affiliation yet he was protected….Fidel Castro! Now Fidel had such a strong belief in himself and the Revolution, that when America told Russia “If you don’t take them missile’s out of Cuba, we are going to drop an Atomic bomb on Cuba”! Fidel said to the Russian President “We will sacrifice ALL of Cuba just to be able to send ONE missile into America from Cuba”. But it was Russia NOT Cuba that decided to take the missiles out of Cuba….not Fidel! So Fidel’s belief was so damn strong that he was willing to die and everything in Cuba with him just to strike America! And in the over 500 assassination attempts by America on his life, he NEVER kissed Americas ass to have a better relationship with America… that is fucking belief in oneself because NO ONE that is on Americas assassination list gets away, so if there was no GOD factor in Fidel’s scenario yet he was still protected, what was it that was protecting Fidel Castro? It is of my belief that because he had such a strong sense of belief in himself and his Revolution that it left an indelible imprint on the Universe, and his human psyche communicated with a melanated Universe that is alive and through the LAW of Correspondence… responded in like!

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Now I say ALL that I have for a personal reason also. I have been following this African Spiritual system for some time now and have gotten REAL benefits from it. It has caused me to rely on SELF and not some mystery God. At the time of this writing I have chose NOT to get the vaccine for this virus that is ravaging the planet. Now this Spiritual shit is REAL to me, I am not writing a blog to impress anyone, I write to let the world know the power of the Ancestral world. Now if I profess that this is REAL and I cant be protected by it, then I need to take my ass back to the church. If you are a Christian and Jesus is REAL, you should NOT be doing the SAME things that I do to be protected. Let me say this shit again….IF Jesus is REAL, you should be able to go directly to him for protection, and since I don’t believe in him I should have to do other things [like getting a goddamn shot] for MY protection, but we shouldn’t be doing the SAME damn thing. Now I don’t mean to be callous, but that includes cancer, diabetes or any other sickness. There should be power in the name of Jesus, but if ME AND YOU have to go to the doctor and one of us is a Christian, something is wrong in the theology!

Now you can say “Well Jesus made doctors to help us out, and Jesus is working through the doctor”. You can make the shit fit all you want, but where is the power in your man that is distinct from the NON BELIEVER? So I am standing on the power of the Ancestors and walking the shit I believe in, if not I am only fucking around with this shit!



Power to the goddamn People!

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