BELIEF IS THE KEY [part one]


The Arc of the Universe bends towards Justice….MLK. That was a beautiful statement from the Ancestor Martin Luther King, I mentioned that particular statement because I believe that the Mind leaves an indelible print on the Universe. I say “believe” because this blog is based in belief, what I am going to write today is NOT rooted in fact or empirical evidence, but my belief is that the quality of your mind and thinking has a qualitative effect on this Universe that we all are encapsulated in. The quality of your thinking permeates the Universe in a concrete way! Even if what you believe is false, it will have power and permeate the spiritual and physical Universe in a concrete way. Now because what you believe may be rooted in falsehood, then you should expect your results to be sparse at best.

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Now everything I just said, is any of it factual? Well the term fact can at times be subjective, so we will go with proof. Evidence or proof is this manufactured Jesus thesis, now I am not going to waste my damn time on the fabricated story, but my point is this fabricated story has permeated the spiritual and physical world despite this shit being as valid and historical as Spiderman. But what has given it power is the BELIEF in the story…..THERE lies its power! There have been people with traumatic injuries and were told they would never walk again, but because they believed they would despite all the evidence that said contrary……They walked! It has left doctors clueless to how such things could be possible. Now you can say it was God or some other religious deity, but if it was not for their belief in this deity, it would not have been possible. Now since we don’t know with evidence if it was God or if it was the SELF, I am going to leave God out of the equation and concentrate on the SELF, because the SELF is the ONLY thing that is constant in these stories, I loose no sleep if you want to give all the credit to God….we have to find our OWN way!

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Again, how and what you believe about YOURSELF leaves an indelible impression on the Universe. Now this belief cant be EGO, but it must be concrete and substantive in who you are. This unwavering belief is what turns the energy of possibilities to concrete reality! How does this work? Our thoughts in our mind are under the auspices of belief, when we activate that belief, the atoms start to congregate together and that belief starts to manifest those atoms into solid matter! But everything must start with belief BEFORE it can manifest into matter! This same belief can manifest a force field of protection around you that makes you impregnable! I will give you a few historical examples to prove my point. The belief CANT be a mantra of who you are, because that is not real, its just repetition of words. You must believe that you know you are what you say you are for the magic to work, because essentially that is what you are doing, YOU are a magician performing magic!

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Now once you believe, then you must ACT like you are….this is you being the Magician or the God that is engaging in real magic. Now this belief can’t be a casual thing, everyday and every hour you must reaffirm in your mind and the ACT that you are who you say you are, or else you are just fucking around with this! Also as I said, the shit can’t be some mantra, it is something that you naturally do everyday and hour pointing to YOURSELF that you can bring into fruition what you think and the belief of yourself. It must be a balancing act that it does not bleed into Ego or else it will be SELF destructing.

Now these next few examples I give many will not agree with me or maybe even be angry that I would make such comments, but that’s ok, we all have our OWN belief and thought process. There is a man named Martin Luther who lived in the 16th century who opposed the Catholic Church, who I have said many times our brother M.L.K. was named after him. Now in the 16th century there was not another entity that was more powerful than the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church wanted Martin Luther dead for heresy against the church, but for some reason they couldn’t kill him, they couldn’t even find him to kill because the people hid him from the church. Now how is that possible that the most powerful entity was unable to kill Martin Luther? Well Martin Luther believed in his heart that the Catholic Church was corrupt and he ACTED on that belief to prove the corruption of the church which was unheard of at that time. This same belief is what left an indelible imprint on the Universe in the spiritual and physical world and this Universe reacted to that belief and surrounded him with protection!

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Now our dear brother M.L.K. at first believed he could change the spiritually and morally corrupt hearts and minds of the Southern White man in the sixties, but it became quite clear that he couldn’t and then even Black people started to turn on him that he was causing problems for negros in the South who were afraid of the white man. At the time of his death his approval rating was at 35%, now I want you to just think on that, with ALL THE SHIT this man had to endure on behalf of black people, only 35% approved of him, but TODAY you have the fucking nerve to have his picture on the church walls and walls in their homes. It became concrete for M.L.K. when he said….. “I believe I have integrated my people into a burning house”. His lack of belief in changing the minds of the Southern white man caused his Universal protection to wane. Why was Malcolm X assassinated and the Honorable Elijah Muhmmad not? When Malcolm was still in the Nation of Islam, his conviction towards the white man in America was unwavering and his criticism towards the negro leadership was constant, but when he left the Nation of Islam he started to waiver and capitulate. But Elijah Muhammad was constant and he never waivered on who he was and who the enemy was, and this belief left and indelible impression on the Universe and kept his protective force field intact! He ALWAYS believed he was the Messenger of Allah, now whether the god Allah was indeed protecting him is a moot point, but his BELIEF in him was always there. Your belief can at no time waiver….THE BELIEF IS THE KEY!

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Now Elijah Muhammad was particularly special because he called the white man “The Devil” in 1930. No black man in 1930, just a few decades after slavery calls the white man the Devil openly and lives! But his belief in who he was and who was protecting him was so goddamn strong that he once said “I don’t care if it was 10,000 at his door, he would never forsake Allah and Islam”. Now that is a hell of a belief, but this is my point, that strong of a belief has to have an indelible imprint on the Universe which has to respond in like. And that audacity in belief if never waivered will encase the individual with a protection that is beyond the Europeans weapons, media and legislature.

In part two I will give a few more examples of hero’s of mine that lost some of their conviction in their belief, and due to that non-conviction the Universe failed to protect them. One example of an individual was a non-religious person who had great conviction and belief in Self and a Universal force field was always around him, so again the only thing that has been constant is not the God factor, but the Belief!


Power to the goddamn People!

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