The world has been overcome by a Virus. This virus is called ignorance. Now just like any virus, you cant taste or smell this virus. So since the virus is immaterial, it has engulfed the whole world. This ignorant virus is asymptomatic physically, meaning their are no physical symptoms. But the virus does have mental symptoms. The number one symptom of the ignorant virus is SELF HATE. When you start to have symptoms that you hate Self and others that look like you, then you know you have been contaminated. Another symptom is that you see no problem in spending 96% of your currency in other communities. If you have both of these symptoms then mental death has set in and physical death will come soon after. These symptoms will 100% come in tandem and any person can diagnose that you have been contaminated with the ignorant virus, and it is imminent that you get the Vaccine before it is to late.

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Now you can get the virus through reading books, and the easiest way to get contaminated if you read a book is reading only Religious books. But most of the world population will get the ignorant virus through word of speech. So that means that the virus is Airborne, so when you talk ignorant shit about a Space Ghost coming to save your black ass, you most likely will spread the ignorant virus. Now since the virus is Airborne and you are a religious person, you should wear a mask to remind you to shut the fuck up so you don’t contaminate and infect an innocent person.

Now the vaccine for this ignorant virus is KNOWLEDGE! It is this vaccine called Knowledge that will eradicate the virus of ignorance. Now there are NEW vaccines that have not been on the planet long enough to be properly tested, and the condition of the people on the planet we can tell the efficacy of these new vaccines are not good at all. These new vaccines are called Religion! Now these new vaccines have terrible side effects. The number one side effect of the new vaccines is worshipping gods that don’t look like YOU! So due to the side effects of these new vaccines, if you have been inoculated with these new Religious vaccines, you still should wear a mask to remind you to shut the fuck up because the ignorant virus can still be spread even through the mask.

There is another vaccine that has a 100% efficacy rate that doesn’t have the mental ramifications of the Religious vaccine, and that vaccine is called Spirituality! It has no side effects, and you know its working when you start and begin to Love Self and others that look like you! Now this vaccine called Spirituality has been around for a long time to be tested in order to prove its efficacy. Now the big difference between the two vaccines, the Religious vaccine and the Spiritual vaccine, is with the SPIRITUAL vaccine you don’t need to go to church to PAY for the inoculation. In Spirituality its free because you inoculate yourself!

Now if you take the Spiritual vaccine you don’t need to wear a mask because you are not trying to indoctrinate or compel people to believe, you are just sharing information and the people make their OWN decision to consume without the threat of eternal damnation!

Now we have doctors that have verified the effectiveness of the spiritual vaccine. They have used the veracity of history and archaeological evidence to make their argument, instead of religious dogma, rhetoric and animated theatrics in the church to entertain the masses. A few of these doctors are Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Khallid, Dr. Laila Afrika, Dr. Ben, Dr. John Henry Clarke, Dr. Ashra Qwesi and Dr. Van Sertima, just a few of the pantheon of Gods of wisdom. Now you can look up these doctors for yourself and they will tell you the history and effectiveness of the Spiritual vaccine.

Ancestor Dr. Laila Afrika

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Ancestor Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

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Dr. John Henry Clarke, the Ancestor!

Now we need everyone to get the spiritual vaccine because there are NEW variants that are going around, and some of these new variants will make you crazy as hell! For instance there is a variant called Islam, and in some countries when people are infected with this particular variant, it can make you strap a bomb around your ass and blow yourself and innocent people up. So make sure you inoculate yourself with the Spiritual vaccine because it will protect you from all forms of the virus and all its new variants. ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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