This is the last of the series of the title “Judas and the Black Messiah”. There has to be some solutions to the dynamic of a Judas and a Black Messiah. There also needs to be a consequence for this dynamic of a Judas and Black Messiah. There needs to be a way for the poor and weak to defeat a wicked superior, and when I say superior I mean in weaponry, money and geo-political prowess. And the solutions at the end of this blog many will disagree with, but we can’t continue the same shit, the paradigm has to change.

If the answer for African people is to trust God or leave it in Gods hands, the problem with that is that niggas hands are invisible so he can’t hold shit, and second we have been trusting God for the last 500 years and the Black Christian and the White Christian have different phone numbers to God because he don’t answer when we call.

So we all know the saying we can’t continue the same shit and expect different results, so we must try something different. And in the words of devil Trump “What the hell do you have to loose”? So as I said before, the word Messiah means deliverer, and we have always had a messiah come to Black people. Unfortunately we have also had a Judas among us when the messiah came. Denmark Vesey would not allow the negro preacher to be among his meetings when he was planning his slave insurrection, and indeed a slave told the white man of the plan. Marcus Garvey’s next in command was a FBI agent and tried to bankrupt Garvey’s movement by buying the “Black Star” ship for 3 times what it was worth. When Malcolm X was shot, it was an FBI agent who was his own damn security that was giving Malcolm CPR and mouth to mouth. And it was a FBI agent that was in the Panther Party that gave the FBI the floor plans of Fred Hamptons apartment so they would know exactly where he would be when they murdered the Ancestor. So the Judas factor has always been with us, and the reason they keep popping up is because we never deal with them appropriately. When we find out that one of us has been working with the enemy against the liberation of African people….you cut his/her fucking head off! So when the next messiah comes and the enemy wants to use one of us to disrupt and dismantle, that one will remember what happened to the head of the last one and will wisely reject their offer, and tell the devil “If you want to start some shit you will have to do it yourself”.


Solutions, we cant’ shout our way into freedom or go to a goddamn booth and vote our way into freedom. Although I am an advocate for Self Defense by any means necessary….but guns, manufactured disease, recession, voting, chem. trails these are all his domain. He manufactures all this shit! So how are you going to beat him at something that HE manufactures. As I have said in past blogs, your weapons are in the Spirit World….where he has none! In Wallis Budge’s book “Egyptian Magic” he says “The belief in Magic is older in Egypt than the belief in God”. Now that is a powerful statement, before we had a codified spiritual system, African people were practicing Magic! So the practice of magic is tens of thousands of years old. Now understand this, the enemy gave you Christianity and Islam and told you Don’t fuck with Magic! Now what foolish people would take what an enemy gives them and stay away from what the enemy disallowed? Only a foolish people would make such a choice. In every movie, Christianity and the Cross is used to combat magic, and it is always portrayed as evil…..you can’t see this is mad indoctrination? He has successfully turned your MIND away from what he has no weapons for. Are you fucking listening? He has no weapons, no response for Magic……so this is why he wants you to fight him with a fucking gun. He manufactures the weapon of choice and gives those weapons for street use while at the same time he keeps superior weapons for his use only. Magic he can’t manufacture.

MAGIC IS AFRICAN, MAGIC IS AFRICAN, MAGIC IS AFRICAN! Stop being afraid of something that is as old as language itself. Magic, Voodoo, Witchcraft study all that shit! But if you approach it in a fearful way, the ability for it to work for you will be minimal.

Now what I am about to say may scare some niggas but you need to hear this anyway. If African people collectively did Magic for one aim or purpose, we could collapse the American economy. We could fuck up the intricate technology of the military where it would be useless. You could change the weather and use it as a weapon on a State or States and make America bow to a particular demand we may have. You can also do what Papa Doc did and put to death a politician or President. Now I know you scared of this type of shit, but if all you are going to do to prove the power of Magic is walk on fire or dance in a fucking trance, then just join the fucking church!

All this you can do with Magic, now my question is…. how can an enemy combat this shit? Guns and police can’t do shit with this! What can his Navy do with magic? Not a goddamn thing, this is what I mean he has no weapons to fight with because in the Spirit World he has no weapons. But for some reason we want to march in the streets, ask the devil to pass some legislation or put a dirty ass cop on desk duty for killing another unarmed black person. This type of shit thinking will have African people in 2121 still singing “We shall overcome”.

Now I know this is some radical thinking, but this is your only hope of having liberation without firing a shot and minimal lose of African life. Now we live in this physical world so we need people to fight for voting rights, police brutality, feed the poor and a myriad of other things, but these are incessant problems with predictable outcomes that the enemy already knows what your response will be for these problems. So he needs to believe and know that you have a power that is unconquerable and if he does not comply, there will be heavy consequences that are beyond his control…..and I am telling you that power has to be Magic! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

Any donations can be sent to cash app $HERUSOR666 thank you!

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