So this is part two of the exegesis called “Judas and the Black Messiah”. Part One was about a more “comprehensive” way to understand the Biblical story of Jesus walking on water. The taking responsibility of the different vicissitudes of life, when we are equipped with knowledge and never relying on “Space Ghost” to solve our OWN problems for us!

Part one had nothing to do with the movie, but since we are talking about a “Black Messiah” and since the word Messiah means “deliverer”…..we as African people have to be our OWN advocate Messiah! Because the one the European gave us is an obvious Charlatan!

So now back to the movie, this homosexual and bitch of a man J. Edgar Hoover made a statement that needs to be delved deeply into, and that statement was “We need to stop the RISE of a Black Messiah”! Now read that shit again and ask yourself why would this goddamn Demon make such a messianic statement in reference to Black people? What did he see in Black people that he expected a messiah to come from among African people? There is a Law of Nature and they put this Prophetic Law in the book called Bible. That Law is…when you oppress a people, eventually and inevitably….someone is Coming! They always do!

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Goddamn BEAST!

Now the wicked know this fucking Law also, so it is incumbent for them to delay the advent of this Black Messiah. So in the Bible you are reading about a fictional Messiah, but its the same fucking principal. The bible talks about some Jews being oppressed and they await a “deliverer”, that is a story that is describing the real Law! So here you are as an African people, but you are awaiting a stringy hair milk complexion Messiah….the principal is true, it is the story that is fucked up!

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Goddamn BEAST!

So back to the Law….when you oppress a people, a deliverer or Messiah is coming. Now if you have followed any of my writings, you know this philosophy is against ALL that I believe and teach, to wait on a goddamn Messiah to save Black people. But as you read on you will see the tremendous intelligence of the Ancestors to change the paradigm on this concept because the goddamn enemy can just outright kill the Messiah when she/he arrives….so keep reading! In Jewish folklore their Messiah that is coming is a “Military Man”, but he is a real man that comes to them through the military to destroy all non Jews who are the enemies of Jews. Then second he is to come to give the Jews their own homeland in Jerusalem. Well the European Jew didn’t want to wait on this Jewish Messiah because he was taken to goddamn long, so they just took the shit from the Palestinian people with the help of their White brothers in Britain. Go read the book “The Transfer Agreement” and it will tell you how they did the shit!

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So in our depression a messiah always came. Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad. Now the Devil certainly recognizes when the messiah comes, so they deal wisely and quickly with them when they come to deliver us from the clutches of the devils hands. So they killed Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey. They hunted Harriet with the intent of killing her and they exiled Marcus Garvey. They caused division in the ranks of the Nation of Islam to separate Malcolm from Elijah, then ultimately killed Malcolm and blamed Elijah so essentially killing two for one. J. Edgar Hoover said the Black Panther Party was the most dangerous organization and greatest threat to the security of America! Now here is the most powerful nation on earth with the greatest weaponry and the head of the F.B.I. said a bunch of poor Black people is Americas greatest threat…..WHY? Because although I love our Ancestor MLK, the enemy knows his ideology was not a threat to the security of America, only the cosmetics of America in how America is seen throughout the world, but not a threat to its security. But when you have a Black Messiah like Fred Hampton who had the organizational skills along with the oratory fire that could galvanize the Warrior Class, which is the Black youth, but also had the ability to have poor Brown, Red, Yellow and even poor White willing to assist him….then that would be fucking Check Mate!


And it is THIS that made him a threat to American security and made him the Black Messiah! The Law of Nature cannot be diverted or changed….it can only be delayed! There is a verse in the Quran where the Devil says to Allah “Respite me some time, until they are raised”. Meaning the devil is pleading with Allah to give me some fucking time to do my shit until you raise them up. Now there is no fucking Allah who oversees the world, this is just a parable just like in the bible that is talking about a Universal Law. But for the wise who understand that this is really talking about real humans who are sleep and a real fucking devil or oppressor knows this Law of Nature and knows he cant stop the Messiah from coming….but he needs some time to do his shit until they are raised!

So during the time of Slavery they thought that by brutalizing us would delay the Messiah, but Nat Turner still came. After slavery they thought that with the KKK killing us that this would delay the messiah, but Garvey and Elijah still came. So they got smart and decided instead of outright murder of them, lets try and dope fiend them during the 60’s and 70’s but Fred Hampton and Huey Newton still came! They continued the drug plan, maybe if we pollute the womb of the Black woman this would delay or even kill the seed of the upcoming messiah. So during the 80’s and 90’s crack and guns filled our streets, so the Ancestors decided to change the paradigm…..so instead of sending you a physical messiah, the messiah would come in a Messianic Teaching!

So Dr. John Henry Clarke, Dr. Ben, Dr. Ashra Kwesi, Dr. Van Sertima, Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. John G. Jackson, Dr. George G.M. James, Dr. Small, Dr. Khallid. The Ancestors knew that if the messiah came in the teachings, the enemy couldn’t destroy it, he could attempt by polluting the teaching, but ultimately the teachings reside in the fucking DNA of the African once its heard, and African DNA is like fucking energy…..it cant be destroyed only transferred into a different form!

The Ancestor Fred Hampton said “You can kill a Revolutionary, but you cant’ kill a Revolution!” And the Revolution is the IDEA, its the Teachings of the Elders and Ancestors….and there lies the Answer, the NEW paradigm must change from Leaders to the messiah being in the Message! The tongue is powerful, but it is not as powerful as the Pen! Because the pen you cannot kill! This is our REAL power…it lies in the Ancestral world! No more Leaders, no more organizations….the Real Messiah must not come in the image of a person, but through many ideas and teachings of multi-faceted people and let their knowledge resonate in and through us, so it is not the personality that is the Messiah…..but the WORD! We will continue this saga in part three. ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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