Before I get into the Metaphysics of Satan part two, let me explain that Satan and Devil are not synonymous. Let me say this again…Satan and Devil are not the same! Satan is Illumination, its the elevation of the Mind! Now again you must get away from Religion of any kind to understand what I am saying. Now when I say Satan I am not talking about some shit you saw on television or some crazy ass white people worshipping Satan as God. I am talking pure Metaphysics! In the bible he is described as the Bright and Morning Star! Now that is some powerful Metaphysical shit if you but understood. This is Mind, this is Illumination, this is Consciousness but it is put in Occult language, and the word Occult doesn’t mean evil or wicked. It means Hidden or Secret which is what Amen means…that which is Hidden. So Amen-RA means the Hidden Sun and what is the Hidden Sun? It is the Bright and Morning Star and what is that? That Bright and Morning Star which is like a Hidden Sun is the Pineal Gland! It is your NORTH STAR!

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You are so disrespectful of yourselves that you would look for some shit in the fucking sky or space to rescue you from your daily vicissitudes of life. We all have shit we have to deal with, and granted some are more egregious than others, but YOU have to decide who the fuck is in your circle. And if you surround yourself with shit niggas, you will always be in shit! Someone needed to hear that, but lets get back to the shit… that Devil I will deal with in a moment but back to Satan. I AM describing the Pineal Gland as the Bright and Morning Star because every morning the Pineal Gland secretes serotonin and it is THIS that awakens you in the morning. And at Night when RA is on his night journey on his barque or Boat, it is SET that is at the front of the boat leading the way. So at SUN-SET that same Pineal Gland secretes Melatonin to put your body at rest. This was all known by our African Ancestors in antiquity and they built a story of mythology and metaphysics around it, and we as their descendants are to delve into the story and try and figure the shit out.

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But to delve into ancient wisdom requires Right Side thinking to access the Spirit World, but you are trying to figure out Spirituality by Linear Thought or Left side thinking, meaning you want the shit to be giving or explained to you literally, but the Right side is abstract so it wont come in a literal form. This is the reason why in the fictional book bible the disciples of Jesus would always complain to him why the fuck are you always speaking to us in parables negro? I know fictional Jesus wish he could say “Because that is where the power of the word is at nigga!”

Now lets get to this goddamn Devil. Now dealing with Polarity, so if Satan is Metaphysical or Spiritual than Devil has to be Linear and physical. So I need white people who will read this to walk with me and not be so goddamn emotional and deal with what I am saying. When Malcolm X said when he first heard Elijah Muhammad say “The White man is the Devil”… he said something clicked! Now when Elijah Muhammad taught this to Malcolm it was based from his teachings from the 1930 to 1960’s when Malcolm first heard them. So let me ask the White people who may be reading this…. How were African people here in America treated by White people during the 1930’s to 1960’s? Was is Saintly or was it Demonic? So was Elijah correct when he called White people Devils? What else would you call such a people who treated African people so barbaric….Mean people? But if we get out of emotionalism and get back to Metaphysics, Devil is an Adversary! Someone who works against your will to be liberated in an insidious way is Devil! So based on that terminology, Devil can be any color or people, but in reality and in history for the masses of African people home and in the diaspora, the Devil has been European…. that is just a goddamn fact!


Back to Satan, So in the bible God cast Satan down into Hell fire! He cast Satan down to Earth, first of all why the fuck God send that nigga down here with US? We didn’t ask for his ass to be with us! God could have put his ass on the fucking moon or Mars where Satan would have been alone and couldn’t fuck with anyone, but no, God sent his crazy ass down here on Earth with us, now he becomes OUR problem. Now does that story make any fucking sense? If the battle was in Heaven, and I explained that the real heaven is the Mind, then Satan getting cast down to Hell fire must be metaphysical. Christ Consciousness is full Mind Illumination and the polarizing other end is the Root Chakra. It is down or at the bottom of the Kundalini energy pole, and it is the color RED! So these are opposite poles of Kundalini Energy, one is the Root Chakra which is down in the pelvic area and its color is Red, this is where Satan was cast down. And the other is the Crown Chakra which is the Crown of the head, where God resides…. its all YOU! One is not bad or good… its all ENERGY!

This is the Law of Correspondence, As above so Below….ALL IS ONE! So if you have Christ Consciousness, and again as I have said many times the word Christ and Jesus are not synonymous….Christ means one who is anointed with Knowledge, and Jesus is a goddamn cartoon character! So Christ Consciousness rules on High in Heaven and Satan rules Below… its ALL the same fucking energy, it just matters where you are on the Chakra spectrum.

So in the bible Jesus sees Satan approaching him and Jesus says to him “Whence comes thou Satan?” And Satan says ” Seeking all that I may devour!” Damn that is a fucking heavy reply! Seeking ALL TO DEVOUR! Jesus sees Satan approaching him, what does this mean? The Kundalini Energy is RISING from Hell! It is coming from the Root Chakra and it is approaching the Crown Chakra where Christ resides….I hope you are getting this shit!

This means rising Consciousness and when one has Christ Consciousness he BECOMES Satan and he seeks to devour ALL ignorance! So like Lucifer, she/he brings Light or Fire of Wisdom to those who once walked in gross darkness! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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