I love the nature of Metaphysics because it can go into so many directions depending on the understanding and background of the individual. This subject is on SATAN, and in my book “Religion, the REAL Matrix” I have a chapter on who Satan really is. So lets get back to this SATAN shit…..shit you scared of! Now I am not going to get into the historicity of a Jesus, that is a waste of my fucking time, but I do want to talk about some of the Laws of Dejhuti. Two Laws in particular are the Law of Polarity and the Law of Correspondence. Satan and Jesus are one and the SAME, they are just two brothers going in opposite directions. They are the A/C and D/C of an outlet. One is the energy and one is the conduit, just like Polarity both are needed to produce Light!

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So in the Bible there is a story of Satan and Jesus going up to a Mount for a conversation. Now if you notice when Jesus needs some time to think, he never takes any of his disciples with him, its always just him alone. But for some reason he and Satan has this private conversation on a mountain! Now why does the Bible say it took place on a mountain and not in the Valley? Because it is all Metaphysical shit that is talking about the SELF….but you looking back in time 2000 years for some Brad Pitt looking nigga!

When you look at the Staff of Dejhuti, it is two opposing Snakes going up to a Mount or a Ball….are you getting this shit? At the Top of the Mount of the Staff of Dejhuti are Two Wings…..Goddamn! All this shit is YOU! All this is rising Consciousness, but Religion got you thinking of someone else 2000 years ago having a conversation with a man with horns on his head, but even that, a man with horns on his head is Metaphysical… the Horns represent Power and Knowledge, but don’t have time to go into that now.

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Religion is a Mental Slave Maker! The Biblical story about the War in Heaven between God and Satan….In Heaven on High, again represents the Mount! This is where all conversations of Consciousness happens at, but it is not about God or evil…that’s fucking Religion. It is about a conversation of Polarity that one has with the Self! The higher up the Mount you rise the more Polarizing the conversation will be. What do I mean “Conversations of Polarity”? When the Self is striving for Christ Consciousness, and you have competing and conflicting conversations about higher consciousness with the Self, eventually the only thing that remains is Truth! And that “Truth” will resonate with the Self and you cannot negotiate that Truth with someone else just because they disagree with you. Your Truth is your truth until a higher truth comes that is more enlightenment than what you presently have, because there is one thing I need you to understand when it comes to Truth…..there are LEVELS to this shit!

But again this War in Heaven and the conversation on the Mount with Jesus and Satan are the conflicting conversations that we all have with the Self, and as we BECOME more and more aware of the Self, you will see you are BOTH the Jesus and Satan that goes up the hill for this conversation!

In the Bible Jesus says of Peter “On this Rock, I will build my Church”! Look again at the Staff of Dejhuti, at the TOP is that Rock that Jesus speaks of. And the Rock is going to be the Church, well what is a Church? It is the House of the LIVING God! The Pineal Gland is Cone shaped, and it sits at the TOP of the spinal canal, which is what the STAFF of Dejhuti represents. So the Rock, the Church and the Pineal Gland are all the same fucking thing! All this is the Self, the Church is also the body and you are trying to turn your Church into a place where God dwells!

But if you are reading the goddamn book about some nigga named Jesus having a conversation with another nigga named Peter, you will miss the hidden and deeper point that only Metaphysics can give you….and the REAL Church will continue to remain empty of the REAL God! Part two soon! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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