I have many White people that read my post, this blog here is going to sting a little bit so I will need that particular demographic to rise above emotion and deal with what I am saying, and not necessarily how I am saying it. So put on your goddamn seatbelt because here we go. Does the European connect with their Ancestors? If we are talking about African Spirituality where African people communicate with their Ancestors, then what about the European? They have Ancestors also, so isn’t it also Spirituality when they communicate with their Ancestors?

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We cannot make the mistake that honoring your Ancestors with a street sign or picture is spiritual! Now it is SANKOFA, when you look and pay respect, but it is not spiritual work! To do Spiritual work you must communicate with the Ancestors, not just put up a picture. You must listen to them…all this is Spiritual work!

When the White man puts a picture of his Ancestors on the dollar bill or makes a holiday for them, this is not spiritual work. There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact we as African people should be doing the same thing, but to do spiritual work you have to have access to the Right side of the brain, and the European does not have this. He is Left side dominant, which means he is a Linear thinker. Now there is nothing wrong with left side thinking, but you cant be Left side dominant and have access to the Spirit world! Now I need what I just said to resonate with you so I am going to say the shit again….YOU CANNOT GET ACCESS TO THE SPIRIT WORLD IF YOU ARE A LEFT SIDE DOMINATE THINKER! If you are a people that have very little or no access to the Right side of the brain, you will not be able to access the Spiritual side of SELF!

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Now when I say that the European doesn’t have access to the Right side of the brain, I am not being racist or trying to belittle. I am not saying that the Europeans right side is cutoff or closed, I am speaking of Energy or Nature. European Culture is Left brain dominate, this is just a fucking fact! Let us just take a look at the way the European looks at Medicine, you SEPARATE the Body from the Spirit and Mind. You try and heal the BODY and leave the Spirit and Mind to a bullshit Pastor or psychologist. This is patently UN-AFRICAN! The African always looked at the Whole personBody, Mind and Soul and would never consider trying to heal the physical and not the spiritual also, because most dis-ease manifests in the spirit before it resonates in the physical.

But check this out, so did the Native American, the Ab-Original of Australia and the Chinese. They ALL treated the WHOLE person Mind, Body and Soul. Only the European Culture separates them in their medicinal practices. This your your mindset, your energy, so you can miss me with bullshit about me saying something that does not have empirical evidence. So lets get back on course… so since the European is Left side dominant, which makes it difficult to access the Right side of brain energy, he is incapable of Ancestry Communication, which limits his power to an Earthly plane which makes his power finite!

Now this he innately knows and this is why he spends billions on weapons to stay in power because he can’t get access to the Spirit World…..where the REAL power resides! So to discredit the Spirit World he talks about Aliens and floating ghosts, or a man with a white beard who resides in Space that oversees the affairs of human beings.

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The Spirit World like electricity needs a conduit to be productive and not erratic, YOU are the conduit the Spirit World works through, YOU are connected to the Unseen but it is not outside of the SELF! But if you are looking for it outside of the SELF, you wont recognize it when it speaks! Of course there will be some who will say that in the 18th and 19th century that the European was big in Spiritual work because this was the era where they often tried to speak to the dead, individuals like Aleister Crowley and others like him. Listen he was a sexual freak just like Sigmund Freud was a goddamn sexual freak, but if you want to follow these demons, by all means have at it. I will always say that the individual is responsible for their own resurrection, so if you see value in the works of these two and other Europeans like them then follow that path.

So if you as an African are tied to the Earthly plane of politics, the goddamn police, vaccines, rent, chem trails, etc….these are all real, but they are on a Low Vibrational level, and if this is where you are resonating, this is where the Devil/Enemy will control you and rule you because this is his plane of existence. This is all Left side Energy! Communicate with your Ancestors and know their power and they will encapsulate you and raise you above simple Earthly shit!

All of our Black leaders and Black organizations always lost in warfare with the Beast, because this is his domain, and this is where he wants to keep the battle. Nothing wrong with having a gun or engaging in Self Defense and Self economics, but the Mind must stay elevated as much as possible and the proximity to the Ancestors must be incessant! Because when you tap into the Ancestral World, they can defeat and destroy your enemies while you sleep! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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