This is part two of a three part series on this so-called Muhammad character. In part one we went over the lack of historicity of this prophet Muhammad. Please read part one to get an understanding of this manufactured man called prophet Muhammad. In part two we will continue to see through the facade of this fictional character and then go into the metaphysics of the man.

Like Jesus who had 12 disciples or helpers, so did this Muhammad fella, he had 4 companions. But just like Jesus who was fictional, so were the 12 disciples who only represented in astrology the 12 zodiac signs and Jesus being the SUN that was turned erroneously into the SON. So back to Muhammad, if he didn’t exist then his companions didn’t exist either. But lets entertain the shit and you tell me if any of it makes sense. His four companions were Abu Bakr, Uthman, Umar and Ali. Now as I said in part one “Where the fuck is Prophet Muhammad’s personal Quran? Certainly no one would have lost this one of all the one’s that so-called existed in 630 A.D. Now in the manufactured history, Abu Bakr made the first complete written copy of the Quran….where is it? Did they loose this one too? And as I said in part one, what did Abu Bakr write the Quran on in the year 630 since the Arab had no paper or writing tools and where the fuck did they keep the books since they damn sure didn’t have a library and they were a nomadic people constantly moving from one place to another.

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Now the Quran pictured I have a copy of, and it is about 30 years old. It is translated by Maulana Muhammad Ali. This particular version is the one that the Nation of Islam goes by due to its English translation. Now the one I have is a 7th Edition, and the first page of the goddamn book is the preface and Maulana himself says the FIRST EDITION was published in 1917, let me say that again, he said the first edition was in 1917! So what the fuck did they have before the first edition was done? He also says that since the publishing of the first edition there needed to be a revised edition… this is his words! Do you know what the fuck revised means? It means to alter or correct! So what needed to be altered or corrected from the others that the Quran needed a revision? In the older Bibles, they took that shit out of the newer ones, but they also have a preface that states the same thing, that in the original published Bibles that they found so many mistakes and errors that it called for a revision. But they never tell you where the goddamn mistakes are at in neither books.

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In Islamic tradition prophet Muhammad is called the “Messenger of God”, now this is just straight up African plagiarism! In African mythology the deity Djehuti is called the “Messeger of RA” . RA is God…so the Messenger of God. In many of the depictions of Djehuti you will see him with a pen and pad so as to take instructions from RA. It was the deity Djehuti who came with the message from RA to tell the goddess Auset that she was with child of an immaculate conception. They changed the African name in the bible from Djehuti to the angel Gabriel and in Islam it is Jabril. It is all the same fucking story just changed the names to protect the guilty!

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The KA-BA that the Muslims say is the “House of God” and they walk around 7 times is also an African story. The goddamn Arab couldn’t understand the mythology story of the African KA-BA, so they made a literal brick cube and said God lives there. Now of course they can say the brick KA-BA is only a sign of the real house of God, but the shit is still a stolen concept. The African knew that the KA-BA really meant the spirit and soul. The KA was the spirit and the BA was the soul and the number 7 represents the divine number of the major chakras, that’s why when you see the Golden Mask of Tutankhamen, there is a serpent coming from his Pineal Gland which represents the 7th chakra. It was never supposed to be a fucking building that you walk around 7 times in reverence….YOU are the real KA-BA!

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The God Allah is a late God. It is a Johnny come lately God, in fact the Goddess Allat predates Allah. I don’t give a damn what these niggas tell you, Allat was a Babylonian Moon deity so she was in the B.C.E. era and Allah is A.D. so he is a late God. In fact the word Allah is an Arabic word for God. In English when you say God it is just that…God, but when you say God in Arabic its ALLAH. Meaning you have Christians who speak Arabic and when they say God they say ALLAH, but they are not Muslim they are just speaking God in their language, but when the Arab needed a Male God they chose the word Allah and that is how the word Allah became the God Allah! In the Quran 53:19 it says “Have you considered LAT AND UZZA?” LAT here is ALLAT, showing you she was being worshipped prior to Allah. And this is in the damn Quran!

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Goddess ALLAT and her sisters

The 5 prayers that the Muslims do everyday are also stolen concepts from the African. The 42 “Negative Confessions” were said 5 times a day by the African to keep their moral compass straight just as the Muslims say prayers 5 times a day for the same purpose, and when the African priest would come before the God AMEN, he would do ablution, where he would take off his sandals and wash his face, hands and feet before prayers to the God Amen. This is the same damn thing the Arab stole and practiced before they pray to their God Allah. Everyone stole all concepts of morality and religion from the African, then acted like they have been doing the shit without African influence! All of the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam at the end of their prayers bear witness to the African God Amen by ending their prayers by saying…..AMEN!

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I am going to end this part two with a critique of our Ancestor Malcolm, even though they are our Ancestors they are not above criticism. Part three will be the metaphysics of this Muhammad figure and its African ties so we can make it more on a personal level. But back to Malcolm [El Hajj Malik Shabazz] Now Malcolm couldn’t have left the Nation of Islam because Elijah Muhammad had young wives, because the prophet Muhammad had wives younger than Elijah. Aisha his favorite wife was 9 years old when he married her and was 11 when they had sexual relations according to the manufactured history. So it would have been hypocritical for Malcolm to leave on this so-called moral account, no Malcolm was hurt that his teacher Elijah sat his ass down for 90 days for speaking out of turn on the JFK assassination. Now I don’t give a damn about a dead devil, but Elijah knew the negro loved the devil JFK, so Elijah in his wisdom said in order not to have any backlash from the negro coming to the N.O.I. he told all his ministers not to speak about JFK getting popped. No one made a comment on it and all obeyed except Malcolm. He got a 90 day suspension where he couldn’t speak in the mosque or in the public, and this was at the height of Malcolm’s success as a leader in America, so I am sure he got his ego hurt as would any human if they had to be quiet at their apex of what they do.

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After the 90 days he decided to leave the Nation of Islam, but my point is he couldn’t have left because Elijah had young wives, then go follow a goddamn Arab who had wives that were even younger. We are all human, and we make decisions in our anger that we regret…including our brother Malcom. So in part three the metaphysics. ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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