Most of my critique against religion has been mostly against Christianity, and for good fucking reason, but I abhor ALL religion! So I am going to spread this shit around and hit Islam in a three part series. In full transparency I was a Muslim for 9 years in the Nation of Islam before Dr. Llaila Afrika gave me the book “Destruction of a Black Civilization” and cracks in my foundation started to form. I was the assistant Minister at the mosque in Savannah Georgia, I taught Islam to recruits at the Marine base in Beaufort S.C. I taught Islam to inmates at a Federal Prison in Reidsville, GA. I taught Islam at a local jail in Beaufort S.C. and I had my own study group in which I taught Islam in Beaufort S.C. So you can’t tell me shit, a nigga was in deep when it came to this Islamic shit! But when I started reading about how the goddamn Arab was just as and in many cases more brutal than the European in their treatment to African people, I said to myself “What the fuck are you doing in this shit?” From that moment on the cataracts started falling from my eyes. So this is my continuing case against religion….ALL religions!

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Now, now, now we all make reference to the historicity of Moses and Jesus or the lack of historicity, but for some fucking reason niggas stay away from this prophet Muhammad. So let me boldly and bluntly say there never was a person in history named a prophet Muhammad. Let me say again and let that shit sink in, there never ever ever was a man in history named prophet Muhammad! The name Muhammad like Christ is a title, a title, a title….not a fucking person! Christ is title not a fucking person, it means the Anointed one! The word Muhammad also is a title and it means “One worthy of praise!” That’s all it means and that is all it ever meant. Someone made Muhammad and Christ into real people in history where there is no history!

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There are coins in antiquity as far back as 687 A.D. that depict an image with the letter “M” for Muhammad on them, but this letter M is not for prophet Muhammad, it is for Jesus….Why? Because he was a Muhammad….“One worthy of praise.” Anybody could carry the name Muhammad if they thought you were One worthy of praise, but it wasn’t a fucking physical person in history!

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During my time in the Nation of Islam, I received my “X” just like Malcom did and I was known as Richard X in the mosque. Then in 1996 I got the name Muhammad at Savior’s Day in Chicago for the monetary sacrifices I made from participating in the Million Man March and going to Chicago the following year. So I was then known as Richard Muhammad…One worthy of praise. I wanted to get rid of the Devil’s name legally, which was Crawford but I was so fucked up in the head I didn’t think I was “worthy” to carry the name Muhammad so I got my name changed to Ifagbemi which is an African Yoruba name, so legally I was Richard Ifagbemi. But even in my ignorance the Ancestors was still guiding me, because I took an African name because my dumb ass thought an Islamic name was “to good” for me. Little did I know my ignorance had to catch up to the wisdom of the Ancestors.

Now this fictional character prophet Muhammad was supposedly born in 571 A.D. and died in 632 A.D. now just like in the case of Jesus and Moses, you cant’ find not two, but you can’t find one eye witness from 571-632 who can say “Yes, I saw or knew this man named prophet Muhammad”…..Not one! And if he did live, when he died in 632 where the fuck did you put the body? Where is his body located? You better not say that shit floated to Allah! His personal Quran that was revealed to him where the fuck is this at? Certainly if the Muslims loved prophet Muhammad they would have kept his Quran…where the fuck is it at?

In 630 the Arabs didn’t have any libraries or paper to write on, so what the fuck did they write the Quran on? Now, now, now I want you to check out the so-called history of this silly ass shit in which they say they collected the Quran. The Muslims believe since there was no paper used by the Nomadic Arabs, they used leaves, rocks, and the bones of animals to write the words of the Quran on….now read that shit again and you make sense of the shit! So niggas had a bunch of rocks, bones and leaves in their goddamn pockets and this is their evidence of a goddamn Quran!

In 630 there is no religion anywhere in history called Islam. You can’t find the shit no where in history where people were practicing a religion called Islam in the year 630. The European Jews manufactured a prophet named Moses and they said God sent this prophet directly to them. The European Christian manufactured a prophet named Jesus and they said God sent him directly to them. The Arab didn’t want to be left out, so they also manufactured a prophet that came out of Saudi Arabia and came directly from God to them also and his name was Muhammad. ALL of them are liars!

In part two we will continue to go over the lack of evidence then get to the African plagiarism and the hidden metaphysics of what Islam and Muhammad really mean.


Power to the goddamn People!


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