Religious people talk about a time when ALL evil will be defeated and there will be peace on Earth. Jesus will come and make everybody feel high…as Marley said. I am not trying to be a pessimistic person, but this will never happen. Jesus coming to save the world is only to be used as an opiate for the ignorant and the poor. There will always be “evil” on the earth. Now I say evil in quotes because evil is a religious construct. What I mean actually is people behaving on a low vibrational level. There will never be a time in human history where everyone is “holy and good”….whatever the fuck that means. Polarity is real and it is a must! There must be a litmus test or a measuring stick to humanity for social behavior. Some of us will strive to raise our vibrational energy and some will not. Those that do not are not bad people, they are just lazy as hell and want to stay at the level they are because it takes energy and effort to get off your mental ass and seek higher vibrational work!

To say a day will come when everyone and everything will be delicious, is to say that the Sun will always shine. Darkness and the Moon are a necessity, who wants to live in a world where it is always sunshine and darkness never comes? On that same note no one wants to live in a world where there is always night. We want balance, we want polarity. So it is with the human mind, if everyone was good and holy, what yard stick would you use to distinguish everyone since we would all be good and holy? The shit doesn’t make sense, this religious construct that baby Jesus is coming on a white unicorn to cleanse the Earth of “Bad people” and make everyone good is just shit thinking!

The cleansing that everyone is looking for is a low vibrational MINDSET that will no longer rule the world. There will be enough consciousness on the earth that will motivate the weak minded to purge the wicked from power. People will still be “evil” and wicked but they will be marginally small and not the exception to influence the masses. But a new awakening and consciousness needs to be supplanted in the minds of the ignorant to make this happen, but Jesus or God is not coming to save your ass to do this….it is up to the people to make change….not Space Ghost!

IMHOTEP [African Ancestor]

There is a man named Joseph Campbell who had a series on mythology called “The Hero’s Journey”. He said in the Hero’s Journey there are 3 Phases…There is the Separation, the Initiation and the Return! Mr. Campbell used the term “Hero’s Journey” in the vein of mythology, but I am going to divert it to African People. Since African people are the first people on the planet and everyone comes after us, our energy and essence motivates and moves the planet. We as African people have been on our own Hero’s Journey. We have had a Separation, we have been Initiated and we must have a Return!

Even if you took all European people off the planet, there would still be evil, and I am not saying Europeans are the origins of all evil, but they do commit more than what they numerically represent on the planet. So everything and everyone must be put in their proportional place. As I said African people are on our own Hero’s Journey, we have been Separated from our homeland, Culture and Spiritual systems. So like the Hero on a journey we have been cast out. We have been Initiated into a Religion and Culture that is foreign to us as African people, and now we act and are other than ourselves. So when we look into a mirror, we don’t even see an African face, we see an African-American [I don’t even know what the fuck that is.] So in our sojourn, there must be a Return for the Hero. The Hero must return home so she/he can find things that are familiar to the spirit and soul!

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Joseph Campbell

To do this the Hero must reclaim her/his Culture that was lost during the Separation phase. This is the only way the Hero can make her/his full circle of their journey. If you are in a European or Arab Religion, you will stay in the Separation phase of your Hero’s Journey. One must separate oneself from the foreign religion and culture and there must be an initiation phase to your own Culture and form of Spirituality. No one can tell you exactly what that looks like, but the Honorable John Henry Clarke said it must have Land, Name and Culture that looks like the Self!

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After the Initiation there will be a Return home from whence you were separated….This is the Hero’s Journey! When you watch movies like Star Wars, The Matrix, Avatar and even the story of Jesus, you will see this Hero’s Journey intricately wrapped in the story. But as always, your story has to have you in it and not some fictional person you read about or see on screen….. or else what fucking good is it to you? HOTEP


Power to the goddamn People!


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