If this is a Christian country, then why the fuck do you have a Mason symbol on your dollar? IHS are the letters over the head of Jesus on many of the pictorial images of him on the cross. I know what they tell you in the goddamn church of what they mean, some shit about his holy name or some other dumb shit, but those letters were put in place by the emperor Constantine. They are Latin…IHS which means In Hoc Signo. Which translates IN THIS SIGN. But there is another letter that has been purposely left out and that letter is V. The V was for Vinces which translates as RULE! IN THIS SIGN I RULE! Constantine didn’t give a fuck about the religion Christianity, he wanted a religion where he could unify the masses and rule over them. The White slave owning fathers of this country were not Christian, they were Masons and gave Christianity to the poor to rule over them.

I say all that to say in part one of Solomon’s Temple I try and show you the lack of historicity of a man named Solomon and the real temple is the human body and religion has got you going to a physical building for some kind of damn salvation. Let’s get back to this Mason symbol, why is the European putting an African symbol on the back of his White currency? It is a pyramid with an all seeing eye over the pyramid. As White Masons they study your culture more than you do, got your Black nose in a book called the” King James Version“, I mean how goddamn ignorant can a people be!

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So who is the Master Builder? They are showing you to your face on their currency but you looking for some nigga named Solomon. Who built the Pyramids and where are the located? If you say they are in the “Middle East” get your dumb ass off my blog! Look at this Mason symbol above, below the “G” is a ruler….hmmm back to that word again. If you turn that ruler to the right clockwise, it becomes a chair…. can you see it? I am going to show you a picture of the African God Ausar sitting on a chair in the Judgement scene that looks like the Mason symbol of the ruler. Again African people are the only people that does not study their own culture! So as Ausar is sitting in judgement of the deceased, the chair represents I will be Square with you, or I will judge you fairly and with honesty. You also have a saying “I am standing on the Square”, meaning I am standing on truth.

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So who is the Master Builder and who built Solomon’s Temple? You are both Solomon and the Temple! The word SOL means Sun and Amon means Hidden…the Hidden Sun! There are two hidden Suns. The Third chakra is where the Solar plexus is, which is where Christ is born, not no goddamn Jesus but Christ. The other hidden Sun is the Pineal Gland where Christ is anointed with power! Through knowledge, the inside of the temple can be constructed and resurrected from its ruined state to a living perpendicular! Knowledge and the application of knowledge, is the only way a builder can become a Master Builder and construct a Holy Temple.

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P.I. which is attributed to the Greeks, is more of the same bullshit. If you don’t understand a goddamn thing I say, know this…. nothing and I mean nothing can be attributed back to AFRICA! There is no such thing as Greek knowledge or philosophy. They ALL came to Africa, mostly Kemet and sat at the feet of Africans to learn, then went back to Greece to teach what was foreign to them. Go read ” Stolen Legacy” by George G.M. James to understand what I am saying.

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This Solomon’s Temple is exhausting me, but I have some more gems I need to drop before I am done… so we are building the temple and trying to be a Master Builder. Back to the concept of P.I., it is supposed to be Greek mathematical number that is constant! That number is 3.14, the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. Now I want you to look at the Greek symbol, then look at the Eye of Heru! Understand that nothing is coincidence!

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See the source image

Every goddamn thing came out of Africa but they have to start in Greece, because you are to never know who you are! You believing the ultimate shit is Jesus or even later some Muhammad shit and the European is saying…let them have that shit! Look at the Greek symbol and look at the Eye of Heru… they both represent the Temple of Solomon. There are TWO VERTICAL lines, they represent the BODY. Then there is a HORIZONTAL LINE OVER the vertical lines that sit ON TOP! This represents the Pineal Gland that sits on top of the body.

So P.I. is 3.14 which again is the ratio a circumference of a circle to the diameter of that circle. The circumference of a circle represents 360 degrees of knowledge, but the Mason only has 33.3 degrees of knowledge, but that is who you are following. So P.I. represents a building [body] that is vertical and has an illuminated Pineal Gland on top.

Back to this 3.14…it is rounded off at 3.14 but the number goes to infinity! The” 3″ of 3.14 represents knowledge, wisdom and understanding. And the .14 is the infinity which represents the Ancestral World! You can have all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of this world, but if it is not backed by the power of the Ancestors which is infinite, the enemy can defeat you.

Stop looking for Temples and Churches or Mosques as holy constructs outside of SELF. Learn how to construct your own Temple because there is no other Master Builder than the Self! So if we went inside of your Temple what would we find? A temple in ruins or 3.14!


Power to the goddamn People!


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