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To the Religious readers, before I get into the depth and details of this exegesis, let me first address this character called Solomon….He is fiction! Let me say it again…there never was in history a man named Solomon who was chosen by Space Ghost in heaven to build a temple for some Europeans that call themselves Jews. I presented a picture of the so-called temple because that is as close you will come to verified evidence of a Solomon’s temple. I don’t give a damn what your Bible or Quran tells you, you will not be able to find this negro no where in history! The historians on TV will tell you they believe or traditions say, but they will never say We have evidence of his existence. Now if these fools ever say they indeed have evidence, my next question will always be…Ok show me where that nigga is buried at and lets exhume the body and do DNA. Then you will see the truth come out.

Now a fool will say “It has to be true because its in the Bible”. By that same dumb ass logic, then Peter Parker is real because I have a comic book of Spider Man. Now that we have the fictional shit out of the way….Who is the Master Builder? Who is the constructer of Solomon’s Temple?

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That temple that the European Jews pray to and genuflects to is not Solomon’s Temple. They have NEVER found Solomon’s temple or any remnant of a goddamn temple. This “Wailing Wall” that the European Jew does prostration to is “supposed” to be King Herod’s temple…NOT Solomon’s temple, but there is no evidence that King Herod built such temple. It is all hearsay, it could be a goddamn grocery store or parts of an insurance company for all we know. It is a fucking Wall! That’s it… and it is not attached to anything. The European Jew TOLD YOU that Solomon built this temple and the wall is the ruins of it. But since this character Solomon never existed we can throw that whole concept in the goddamn trash can!

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So who is this Master Builder and who is the builder of Solomon’s wall? Let me repeat myself again and again…anytime you look outside of Self this is Religion. And the moment you find salvation from within you are in Spirituality! So in Religion Solomon’s Temple has to be a physical building outside of the Self. But in Spirituality the real Temple of Solomon is the Body! And within this Temple is where GOD dwells. The temple has never been some damn place in Jerusalem where someone told you a piece of dirt is holy ground.

The Temple [the Body] may look good on the outside, but once you enter the Temple you may see that the damn Temple is in ruins. Why? Because as you enter the temple, you will see it is dilapidated through ignorance. So Solomon needs to construct his temple…on the inside. And who is Solomon and how does he construct his temple that is in ruins? YOU are Solomon and the goddamn Temple…you are BOTH!

In part two we will figure out how to construct a Temple in ruins on the inside. ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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