6.6.6. [part two]


In part one I went over the importance of our Melanin. How it is similar to Chlorophyll in plants because we as African people are the closest to Nature than any other people on the planet, so please read part one also and put both together for a clear understanding. In part two we need to understand that the UNNATURAL ONES will attempt to usurp African energy in a variety of ways. Music, dance, inventions, style, language, Religion and finally the ultimate usurpation is the MIND itself!

The ONLY WAY to combat this theft is the embrace and proximity of CULTURE! Culture, Culture, Culture is the only way! Fucking around with Religion and adopting another peoples identity and culture will negate the Self and keep you in the Matrix. This is the only way to keep those with low or no Carbon and Melanin from usurping your Spiritual energy. Those who shun or run from their Culture will be like a Branch not attached to the Tree, you are dead and of NO USE…not even to your own people!

666, if you are afraid of a fucking number then by all means keep your ass in the goddamn Church! Fear and conditioning has been thorough with us. The number 666 and Melanin is one and the same! In fact the number 666 and the word Messiah is one and the same! The definition of the word Messiah is One anointed with OIL! Oil here is the goddamn Melanin or Carbon. As I said in part one it is a Chemical like Chlorophyll! And African people are anointed with this OIL… you are the Messiah! This Oil is in your skin, its in your ears, your organs, your brain and eyes.

There is a saying in the Bible that the First will be Last. Due to the high carbon content of the African, the African had to be on the planet First. It is biologically impossible for a human with less melanin than the African to pre-date the African. With that same analogy, the people with the most carbon content will have to be here on the planet LAST, due to our connection to the Earth and the Universe.

No matter what disease or weapon they forge against you, the African will be here! A sign of this is if you look at the birthrate of the European they are at negative birthrate. Meaning more of them are dying and not reproducing enough to sustain their life on the planet, this cannot be taken as racism but just an actual fact. The African gene is so goddamn dominant and close to nature, that if all humans slowly start to disappear from the earth, the African will be here LAST! And most likely it will be the African Woman….because the First will be here LAST!

In closing, what it comes down to is Carbon and Melanin is NATURAL! That is why the African used the word NETER… it means Divinity and it is where the word Nature comes from. I will again repeat that due to our high carbon content, we are more natural than anyone on the planet. Anything without Carbon is UNNATURAL, and anything that is unnatural is a Devil or an enemy to what is Natural.

Now NO ONE IS BORN A DEVIL and no one is innately a devil. You become Devil when you analyze your place in the world spectrum and dynamic, and you consciously and purposely take awareness that due to your inordinacy on this planet….I will disrupt and dismantle another people to sustain and maintain “MY” survival. Then you have become a goddamn Devil!


Power to the goddamn People!

Any donations can be sent to cash app $HERUSOR666 thank you

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