6.6.6. [part one]

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6 Protons, 6 Neutrons and 6 Electrons….this is Carbon or Melanin. It permeates the Earth and Universe. The more Carbon the higher the vibration. The less Carbon the less Hue-man. This is not racism, hue means color or melanin. Carbon or Melanin connects you to the Earth and the Universe, without it your vibrational connection with the earth and universe will be diminished.

With low Carbon and Melanin your low vibrational energy will cause you to be Unnatural and uncivil with those with high carbon content. Consternation will develop between the highly carbon and melanated beings and those with low melanation and carbon. Lets look at Plant life, those with high Chlorophyll and those plants with low Chlorophyll. First lets explain what Chlorophyll is.

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Chlorophyll in plants is similar to melanin in African people. Chlorophyll is a green pigment in plants that is responsible for the absorption of Light or Sun to provide energy for photosynthesis. Then the plant uses sunlight to synthesis that energy to a chemical energy. So it is with African people, when the energy of the Sun hits our melanin it synthesizes it or converts it to vitamin D, but carbon or melanin also protects you from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, so African people don’t need the same amount of sun exposure to produce vitamin D as the European does. Melanin efficiently uses the sun’s energy to produce a chemical energy just like chlorophyll while at the same time protecting you from its harmful rays. The point I am making is that you are fucking one with nature, you are in harmony with nature which makes you the most Hue-man and the most Natural!

Lets tie this Chlorophyll and Melanin to a more hue-man capacity so you can understand exactly what I am driving at. Plants with NO or very little Chlorophyll have to SUCK water and nutrients from branches or roots of other plants because they CANT produce chlorophyll on their own! Now read that shit again and apply it to the human species, its is UNNATURAL if the plant can’t produce its own Chlorophyll! But Plants with Chlorophyll produces its own food and have leaves and roots.

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So you have two people on the planet that are at the two most extremes of Carbon content. One has an abundance and the other has the least. It is not an accident that there is consternation between the two, nature has provided a gulf between the two so when they meet there is a deep seeded feeling of inadequacy of one of them. Their energy levels will conflict when they meet one another and there will be a disconnect between the two.

Because of the absence of carbon, the vibrational energy or spiritual content will be low, so they will have to usurp energy from those with high levels of carbon just like those fucking plants without Chlorophyll! This spiritual usurpation will come in the form of music, dance, inventions, style, language, religion and eventually the MIND itself.

In part two we will go over how to protect oneself from the mental usurpation and also what does it mean as far as human longevity on the Earth if you have melanin and if you are absent of melanin.


Power to the goddamn People!

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