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So I need you to read part one so you can get a clear understanding that both Bible and Quran are books on metaphysics and not some damn history books. Everything in both Bible and Quran are speaking of the Mind and Body but on a metaphysical state, if you read the shit in a literal mindset you will miss the deeper and hidden message.

So lets start with the last Horseman and go UP! The Pale Horseman who represents death, this has two meanings, one physical and one spiritual….always Maat! The physical meaning is the Colon. There is nothing evil about the Pale Horseman, evil is a religious construct. It represents your colon because your colon evacuates feces, so this is the death that it speaks of. Since the body has no use for the feces it evacuates it out of the body, and in fact if your body does not evacuate this useless source it will kill you, so death will in fact follow if it is not purged of. The spiritual side of the Pale Horseman meaning is it represents the Root Chakra. Again its not evil, it just the lowest vibration of the chakra system and you cannot conduct yourself on this low level for an inordinate amount of time or else our inability to act in a higher vibration will lead to actions that will lead to an eventual demise.

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Lets go to the next Horseman which is the Red Horseman. The Red Horseman was given a Sword to make peace. Again lets go through the duality in its meaning. On a physical meaning the Red Horseman represents the Heart, the heart needs to be at peace and the sword is there to protect the heart but not injure Self or others. The heart is connected to the head, and if the heart has no peace the head has no peace. On a spiritual level the Red Horseman represents the Solar plexus or the Third chakra. This is where Christ is born! I didn’t say no fucking Jesus, I said Christ and these are NOT parallel terms! I said this is where he is born, so as far as your mental and spiritual vibration, you are still in your infancy stage and growth is still a requirement, but peace is one of the requirements to reach such a level.

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Next is the Black Horseman, he holds the Scales of Balance. Again staying with duality and Maat, the physical meaning of the Black Horseman is the Liver, this is a cleansing organ to bring about homeostasis or balance to the body. Without the Liver the body will become polluted and imbalanced. It cleanses the blood which is the Life source of the body. On another note, without the African on this planet there would be no balance in humanity. When the African ruled this planet there was balance and harmony between the human family. Of course there was conflict between people, but not the mass murder and World Wars and weapons that can destroy the planet multi times over like we have today due to the rule of the UNNATURAL ONES! Spiritually the Black Horseman represents the Throat Chakra. One has to be extremely balanced to resurrect the Throat chakra. “In the beginning was the WORD”. The Throat chakra is the activation of the God source and what comes out of the mouth can stir the minds of the masses who hunger for knowledge!

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And last we get to the White Horseman. Now this horseman is the one that conquers, so naturally and innately under racism the European has interpreted this as he is supposed to rule over the darker people of the Earth. And what was his rationale? The Bible of course. So the Bible was used by the European to mandate with Gods approval that my wicked, brutal, and barbaric treatment of African people and the darker people of the Earth is Gods plan…not mine.

But despite that wicked machination of biblical scripture, lets move to a higher meaning. The White Horseman has a Crown and he went forth to conquer. This on the physical level represents the Pineal Gland. When a person is fully illuminated and has Christ Consciousness, he has conquered his lower Self. He has command over his Upper and Lower Egypt…meaning the Mind and the Body. He wears the Crown because he has rulership over Self. On a Spiritual level the White Horseman represents the Crown Chakra, this is why when you see the White Horseman he is wearing a Crown because the Crown chakra sits on Top of the head. Sometimes the White horse will be depicted with wings, meaning with your illuminated crown chakra the person takes on wings. They rise above the silly shit of this Europeans world, this is the same meaning in ancient Kemet where RA was depicted with wings. It represents one with full mental illumination.

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The Pineal Gland is in the center of the brain. Nature knew exactly what it was doing, it knew it needed mass protection so it put it deep and in the center of the brain. The wise will notice this very fact shows you the importance of the Pineal Gland. It is the Master Gland and its location gives you the hint of that. Dr. Llaila Afrika said it controls the rhythmicity of the entire body. The hormones of the body and the sleep patterns of the body. The changing from adolescent to adulthood, the Pineal Gland has a part in all of it. When the European first discovered the existence of the Pineal Gland, he said it didn’t have any function at all…. now imagine that No function! Then why the fuck is it sitting in the middle of the fucking brain if it has no function? The reason is because for the masses of European people the Pineal Gland is calcified and has a low production factor, so he said it doesn’t work for anyone…including melanated people.

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So family this is the meaning of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, of course this is only one meaning and not THE meaning, no one has a monopoly on knowledge and spirituality. But for me and I can only speak for myself, this is a higher vibrational meaning of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse than the doom and gloom exegesis that we have been told under the tutelage of religion. But you have to choose your own weapon and path. ASE’


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