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The book of Revelations is a terrible book to read… in ignorance. It talks about monsters and demons with multiple heads who come to kill and maim, In fact the book of Revelations was not in the original bible when the European codified the damn book due to its violent and horrid content. They wanted to teach the negro about this loving Jesus, and so many negro preachers don’t even touch the content of Revelations, they stay in the four gospels.

In the book of Revelations it talks about 24 elders who saw the rising of 4 beasts and 4 horsemen. Now this is pure metaphysics, but the ignorant read this in fear. Now when I was in the Nation of Islam, they spoke of these 24 elders were actually from Mecca and that they were 12 minor and 12 major scientist who wrote history to be made for the future, and the human would eventually walk right into this written history that was written thousands of years before. They teach that of these 12 major scientist, that one was a jet black man named Alphonso who was actually the father of Master Fard Muhammad, who was the teacher of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Now again this is all bullshit that cannot be backed in any way historically so to get by with this dumb shit they say it is revelation and this is why you cant find it in history. Now the shit sounds good when you teach it to a people that thirst for knowledge but don’t know their own history.

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Now lets move this shit to the personal where all metaphysics belong, and not some shit over in so-called Mecca or in the sky. Dr. Llaila Afrika says the African has 12 Melanated brain centers and the European has 4. These 12 melanated brain centers are the 12 scientist the N.O.I. and the book of Revelations speak of, not some 12 niggas of the round table living in ancient mythological Mecca thousands of years ago.

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peace to the Ancestor!

Now lets get to these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The White Horseman had a CROWN and he went forth conquering. The Red Horseman was given a SWORD to make peace on the Earth. The Black Horseman had a pair of BALANCES and the Pale Horseman was DEATH and hell followed him.

Now in my infancy of knowledge, as I am becoming aware, I also believed these four horsemen of the apocalypse represented particular nations and particular people. Now they might very well mean physical entities out there, but as I try and raise my vibration to a metaphysical level, everything resonates from the Self! So in part two we will go over what each of these four horsemen represent from personal and spiritual level, because if your spiritual system is not resonating from Self, most likely you are practicing religion. Part two soon!


Power to the goddamn People!


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