In part one I tried to show how the European knew the power of the drum and outlawed it until he had African people thoroughly indoctrinated. Then while we were under the wicked auspices of Christianity, he slipped the drum back into the church to further put us under a spell. The Drum not only resonates with the different organs of the body, but it also stimulates the chakra system. Melanin or Carbon is the Beast! It is the 666 that you are scared of because the Bible told you to be afraid of it. I say it is the beast because it is Chaos…it moves, changes and evolves. Well so does your music. Our music went from the Blues, to Jazz, to Country, to Rock, to Rhythm and Blues, to Funk, to Hip-Hop. Now you see there is a nexus of Hip-Hop and R/B. Our music just keeps evolving because of this 666. six protons, six electrons and six neutrons which is Carbon, but the Drum is the origin of the evolution.

If you notice the Brown, Red, Yellow and White man, their music has NOT changed through the years as ours has. One reason is they have rode the backs of African people when it comes to music and tried to emulate us in our music. Remember before there was an Elvis in rock, there was Chuck Berry and Little Richard. In Hip-Hop when in originated in the Bronx, the only reason Latinos were part of it was because their proximity to us in the Bronx. We dominate Hip-Hop because we originated the shit, show me where is the top Latino in Hip-Hop today? Don’t worry I’ll wait! But it is because you are carbon dominate, your essence is always evolving so your music will evolve. Your music will always sound and be different from those with less melanin. Dr. Llaila Afrika said we literally hear music different from everyone else because of our high melanin content in our ears.

The African in America brought the banjo, then it evolves into the guitar and Bass. Then we add the piano, but the drum is constant. So the drum is activating the chakra and the other instruments are activating the bodily organs and all this energy rises to a crescendo to the Pineal Gland and this is the Spirit that captivates us and we call it “catching the Holy Ghost”! This is why we feel so damn good after we leave church, because your Body and Mind were heated and energized through music, but you attributed to the goddamn pastor.

The negro preacher understands this, if you watch him he will slowly start his sermon and the music is very low. This is to arouse the Root chakra, then his voice will gradually get louder and the music will keep cadence with his voice…this is fucking high magik that he is doing! He is moving the kundalini snake higher and higher up your energy source. As he gets to his final pitch, the music is right there with him and he has created a frenzy within the Self, and you are clueless of the game he is playing on you in the name of Jesus and religion!

Melanin and the Drum are both connected to the spirit world, and because you as African people are the most melanated, no one can tap into the spirit world through music like you can. As I said in part one the Native American through their spiritual rituals rely heavily on the drum to activate the spirit world… they don’t predate the African so who do you think taught them about the goddamn drum? Remember everything has a connection. If you look at some of performances of Bob Marley, you can actually see him go into a trance while performing.

You must understand your ancient Self and how everything around you connects you and that melanin. That includes music and the Drum! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!


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