The Drum is the base of the African religion and spiritual system. Everything revolves around that drum. Everyone in antiquity, especially the Native American learned the power of the drum from the African. I see a lot of niggas now saying they are Native American and not African because they originated here in North America and not Africa. Now, I am going to get in my feelings a little bit and put such niggas on blast because everyone wants to be everything except an African. So much damage has been done to us that we want to be far from African as possible.

Now I don’t really give a fuck what you call yourself, we all have autonomy in that regard, but let me just lay out a few things then we can move on to the subject. First how the fuck did you get here? Was the indigenous here in North America the first people on the planet? If not then your black ass came from somewhere else! NO ONE PREDATES THE AFRICAN…NO ONE! So it makes common sense that the African circumnavigated the planet and came here to North America at some point, but that means you came here African, how the fuck did you turn Native American nigga?

As I said, we have the freedom to call yourself whatever the hell you want, just have some history and some reasonable rationale why you would negate Self. Those here in North America that call themselves Native, don’t even want your black ass anyway. To this very day many native tribes refuse to recognize Black people as part of their tribe, so they are not able to get some of the reparational money or land that this wicked ass government gives to the Native Americans, but these same damn indigenous people will honor some goddamn Europeans whose white ancestors paid 5 dollars a few hundred years ago to get put on a list that forged them as being Native American so they could steal land from the very people that that say Black people are not from our indigenous tribe. So until the Native Americans recognize African people as part of the original family here in North America… fuck a Indian! Now back to the subject at hand.

Music notes affect the organs and the brain of the human, particular the African due to the high melanin content. Depending on what note you play will determine the organ. But the Drum gets to the fucking chakra system! This is why when the drum is first played and heard you feel it in your Root Chakra, and like a snake it starts to climb. As the drum beat motivates each chakra, the body starts to move. Why do I say move? This movement is the rising of the snake or kundalini energy inside you and the drum is stimulating that movement. So when you are in church, the combination of the drum and the keyboard sound motivates the body to move! It is not the fucking pastor or the “Holy Ghost” its that goddamn drum resonating with your African DNA origin and the snake inside you moves the body! Its the same thing in voodoo when the drum is played and causes the person to move and get “caught up” in the spirit.

The cleverness of the European is he has tied Jesus and Christianity with your music. Before he gave you Christianity, he first had to outlaw that fucking drum. Now if the drum was such a meaningless instrument, why would he outlaw it? Because he knew the power of the drum and he knew the drum tied you back to Africa and your Culture! So get this well… he outlawed the drum, gives you a religion and once you were thoroughly indoctrinated, then he crept the drum back into the religion and made you drunk on Jesus…through the power of the Drum! He is a fucking mad scientist! This concludes part one, I will with the help of the Ancestors give part two very soon. ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!


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