There has been a resurgence of voodoo in the African community and this is a good thing. We are starting to see the bullshit portrayal of voodoo in T.V. and movies as propaganda to keep us in religion.

But this power from our Ancestors has to elevate in its practice and application. It cant be used to handcuff and attack one another and not be used against our real enemy. It cant be used to walk on fire or show we are impervious to pain or knives. There is nothing wrong with showcasing the physical power of voodoo, but the spirit world is beyond this. This same spirit world can be tapped into to showcase something much more impressive than walking on fire. The spirit world is beyond the physical one and beyond the Europeans weapons and legislation. Voodoo must ultimately be used for African Liberation, protection and salvation!

It is a vastly UNTAPPED reservoir of power for OUR use. If we come together as a people and use voodoo as the CONDUIT to our Ancestors, while the enemy is planning our demise, the spirit world can be right there amongst them listening to every word and relay their evil machinations back to African people. When Jesus said “where there are two of you, I am the third”. This is the Ancestors, when two or three or 50 of these demons are planning, the Ancestors are there also. This also applies when you are by yourself and you feel threatened by the enemy, understand your Ancestors are there also, but in time of danger if you calling on fucking Jesus or Allah then why would the Ancestors intercede on your behalf?

You can see the power of voodoo with the Haitian Revolution against the greatest military power in the world at that time which was Napoleon and France. There is no way a small group of Africans with sub-par weapons should have defeated Napoleon. But a Power was with these Africans, this same power is with us today! Look at the similarities, who is the greatest military power in the world today? No one but America, and these rag tag bunch of Africans here in North America with our sub-par weapons are no threat to the police force and military industry. But the Africans in Haiti didn’t rely on their weapons or else they would have been slaughtered, but it was voodoo that made them impervious to fear, bullets, and hunger!

This same power is with African people today but we cant be afraid of it and we cant use it to walk of fire and dance in a hallucinatory way and think this is the elevation of voodoo. Freedom for African people must be at all levels, and you will not get the shit going in a booth and voting for a devil. We must use the spirit world for Liberation, protection and Salvation! ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

Book called RELIGION THE REAL MATRIX coming soon

Any donations can be given to $HERUSOR666 cash app

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