The average person takes approximately 18 breaths a minute. 18 breaths = 25920 breaths in one day, which is how many years the Sun takes to move through the 12 constellations, which is called the Great Year. The Sun is only a sign of who you are. When you take those 25920 breaths every day, you represent that Sun, the third chakra is located at the SOLAR Plexus. On the third day he rose, once you pass the third chakra in consciousness you become a living being.

The 12 constellations represent the 12 different signs of the zodiac, but these 12 zodiac signs are in each one of us. so the Leo has certain characteristics that are different from the Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius. But depending on your breath and the unique circumstance you are in will depend on what zodiac will come out. It all depends on where your breathing Sun is at during these 25920 breaths you take a day. One time of the day Aquarius may come out and another part of the day Libra. We as African people are connected to the physical sun and the spiritual sun that resides in each of us, it starts at the Solar plexus and its final destination is the Pineal Gland…which also is a Sun.

So when you look at the sphynx or the Heru em Aket which is the African term that means the rising of Heru. You see the Sun/Son rising to his father Ausar. When the African died his Soul/Sun went to Herukhti [the Leo Constellation] where the father was resurrected and from there to the Ausar constellation where you become one with the father.

The reason I said the consciousness is born at the third chakra is because it still is at a lower level chakra, it’s born there, but the Sun or God needs to mature, so consciousness needs to rise like the Sun to the father which is Ausar or the Pineal Gland, and one of the names for Ausar is the Perfect Black! This is the journey of consciousness, we all start ignorant then light or the sun hits us and in our state of inertia we begin to move upward like plants coming from the dirt reaching for the Sun.

So who are you? One might say that I am a Christian or a Muslim, but it is much deeper than that…who are YOU? One might say that I am African, but I can clearly see that so lets go even deeper. Well I am Male or Female, again this is obvious but if we go to your essence, I would answer in this way… I am ALL that there is. I am ALL IN ALL. Everything that is…I AM! There never was a time that I didn’t exist and there is not a place where I am not. This is who I am! So we are from Nature so we are connected to nature. This is why the word God is a new phenomenon, the idea of a anthropomorphic God is minute thinking, the African always saw the real God as Nature so they called it Neteru and taught we are connected to it.

But unfortunately we also are connected to a culture that is Un-African, which means we are connected to a mind that is un-African. Religion, any religion handcuffs and manacles the divine power of the mind. Out of the nearly 8 billion people on the planet how many of them follow some kind of religion and look at the condition of the planet. At this present time what is the mental condition of the masses of the people? What diet are you being fed when you watch television? It is a discredit to the power of the mind and mental atrophy rules in the minds of the masses.

If African people don’t get back to their culture and fast, you will forever be connected to a mind that comes out of another culture that is dominated by religion which promotes the misuse, under appreciated, imbecilic, atrophied, under-used mind that is mentally impotent to create new vision.


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Power to the goddamn People!

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