This is a concept that is unique to Christians here in America.  It comes out of the mind of a white man named John Nelson Darby in 1833.  Now the negro will follow any crazy shit as long as it doesn’t have a black face on it.  It is an end time concept where all the believers in Christ will meet him in the clouds, and fly like superman into space where they will live, and this concept is called “The Rapture”. Now even a child would question this concept, but not you because you are wise.  But as silly as this shit is, it still is an African concept that was taken out of context.  In ancient Kemet when the pharaoh died, his KA [spirit] and BA [soul] went to be with his spiritual father and mother Ausar and Auset in the constellation of Orion and Sirius. The names just changed to Jesus because to use the original names would lead you back home.  But check out the date…1833,  that is how long they have been studying your science but you don’t want to hear that Black shit!  

Apostle Paul in First Thessalonians uses the Greek word harpazo which means “to snatch away or to seize”, meaning Jesus Christ will snatch or seize his believers from the earth to be with him…hmmm don’t that shit sound delicious?  I remember  telling some co-workers of mine “Listen all you believers in Jesus, when the rapture come and Jesus come get yo asses, leave me the keys to your homes and cars since you are not going to need that shit”!  Anytime I can shit on religion, I don’t hesitate. But let’s get serious and delve into the metaphysics of what the Rapture really means.  When Christ comes [not Jesus] some will be raised and some will be left behind.  When Christ comes one will be grinding at the mill and one will be rising.  One will be sleep and one will be rising.  This is ALL about the mental resurrection!  I said Christ and not Jesus because they are not synonymous.  Christ means consciousness and Jesus is a damn cartoon.

When Christ consciousness comes some will be raised up and some will stay sleep.  Everyone will not be resurrected, some will stay right here on a low earthly plane of existence.  They will not take flight and meet others on high levels on thinking beyond this earth,  so some you grind with you will have to leave they ass right there.  There maybe one right in the bed with you that you have out grown and you will have to leave they ass right there still sleep.  I don’t know how many times I will have to say this, but any doctrine that teaches you to look for your savior outside of the SELF is a doctrine that will enslave you.  It always will come from inside the savior that you have been looking for.

But before the Rapture can happen there has to be a transformation!  No resurrection can happen, no ascension can happen without the transformation first, and it is not some physical transformation where you die and your spirit floats somewhere.  But the death is rising from the mental death and madness that we did yesterday and having a spiritual resurrection by doing what our Ancestors told us to do and that was getting a proper Knowledge of Self!  So Jesus said ” Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the MIND”!  It is the renewing of the old negro mind into a proper knowledge of Self that allows you to meet Christ in the Rapture.

There was a Japanese scientist named Dr. Masaru Emoto who wrote a book called “The Power of Words” who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.  He would take a dish of water and either say or write certain words over water and depending on the nature of the word, the water would turn into beautiful crystals or turn foul colored.  So for instance if he would use the words love, truth and gratitude the water would turn into beautiful crystals.  However if he used words like ugly, hate and evil the water would spoil.  The point I am making is what is the content of your brain?  Almost all water, and everyday what words do we tell to ourselves?  The Devil and God are not shit in the sky or in the middle of the earth… we make Devils and Gods everyday by the way we Think!

I hope this gives a better understanding of the word and concept of the Rapture.  We truly are what we think, may the Ancestors be with you and guide you always.  ASE’

Book coming soon “Religion the Real Matrix”


Power to the goddamn People!



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