The Observer and the Akashic Records {part 2}


In part one I spoke of the behavior of matter and energy, on a physical level they of course behave different, so it is on a spiritual level.  Seeking knowledge is a must for those of us who want to come out of darkness, but believe it or not the masses of the people love wallowing in shit!  They don’t want the responsibility of being responsible for SELF, because its much easier to sit in a so-called building of religion and open their mouth and be spoon fed like children.  They say to themselves ” I am not responsible because GOD  has control over everything”.  But for the wise,  seeking knowledge to change your own reality is an absolute must.  The question is what exactly is knowledge?  This my friend has to be determined by the individual, my only caveat is that whatever knowledge you seek it must have two characteristicsOne it must resonate with your nature and spirit. What does this mean?  When you read or hear it, it must quicken or awaken something dormant in you.  Now let me mention just because it does this to you doesn’t mean that all of it is true, but the more knowledge you attain you must reevaluate all that you have learned to ascertain that what you call knowledge is indeed true and historical.  Second characteristic is that it must speak of or teach that your resurrection or spiritual elevation comes from WITHIN, if it speaks or advocates someone else outside of SELF that is coming to save or resurrect you…that is the shit you run from, for it will lead you to a mental grave!

As I said in part one, matter knowledge is that which you seek.  You may find it in a book or hear a sage speak it.  Now spiritual or energy knowledge comes from what the European calls the Akashic Records, but his understanding is this knowledge is etheric or in space somewhere and you downloaded from space.  But let me say this knowledge is Ancestral, its already in you but we have to delve within Self to acquire it.  We will go into it deeper later in this blog, but let me say by nature I am sort of a nerd, I love animation and Marvel movies and I was watching an animation movie called “Injustice 2” and one of the evil characters was called “Brainiac” and he said something that resonated with me, he said “Your species value precious metals, arbitrary symbols of status. I value knowledge and like your metal trinkets, knowledge is more valuable when it is RARE!”  Now what is rare knowledge?  Anybody can find knowledge in a book, but knowledge from the Ancestors is rare knowledge, this is knowledge the European will not be able to attain or download because it resonates in the melanated DNA of the living!

In part one I mentioned this particular knowledge comes in waves like energy, but depending on how strong your spiritual antenna is, will determine how much of it you will pick up or receive.  Ancestral knowledge is not something you can seek, it must come to you, if you seek it this knowledge will become matter knowledge and can only raise your vibration to a certain level.  Ancestral or Akashic knowledge must be revelation that reverberates thru the Self!  Now this Akashic records or knowledge can change or be updated thru time, because every generation the Mind changes or is stressed thru its particular unique epoch of time.  This is why there is such a vast difference in energy of wisdom between a Malcolm X and a Bobby Hemmitt,  the mind is stressed thru their own unique epoch of time, so when they both delved into their Akashic Records, what they brought out was unique due to their generational time.  So the human being goes thru their own mental vicissitudes generationally and the Akashic Records are updated based on the TIME the human mind is in.

Let me say this, Ancestral knowledge is beyond the European military prowess. I see so much genuflection and ass kissing given to the Unnatural Ones military power, Police, Chemtrails, Vaccines and the list goes on.  Attention and awareness should be made of all these by African people, but the level of worry and lack of faith in the power of the Self and Ancestors needs to cease!  There is a power beyond his power, but as long as we are marching, protesting, and voting and relying on these matter concepts, you stay in his realm of power, because he is the one that gives you the authority to even do this shit!  The Ancestors are the real Akashic Records, which is where the real power resides and no bomb, bullet, rocket or legislation can reach it.  This power is universal, so sitting down America is light weight, but if he can keep your mind in matter politics, you are in his domain!  You must know your enemy, his limitations and more importantly… know Self and Power!     ASE’

Book called” RELIGION THE REAL MATRIX” coming soon!


Power to the goddamn People!


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