Of course in the religious context we have heard of this term “RESURRECTION”.  Now those who taught us this foreign religion gave us this vivid picture of the human being dying in a PHYSICAL death, then over a period of time waking up from physical death and being alive again physically.  Now this sounds very alluring for the human being, particularly for the African due to the hell we have been catching here in North America. The only problem we have with this “pie in the sky” theory, is we don’t have any empirical evidence of such madness.  The man that made this theory so well known this so called Jesus,  has not “returned” in over 2000 years to showcase the reality of such theory.  This alone shows you the immense gullibility of the human being that they would wait 2000 years and “still counting” for someone to prove this is real.

Now of course people will desperately straw pull and say “there have been plenty of people that have died and come back to life”.  Now you know damn well we are not talking about people who have been revived via CPR or had they heart shocked and revived, so I am not even going to entertain that game, but the term resurrection is so much older than Christianity, and its such a shame that religious folks think the shit started with them and their religion.  So lets go to Africa and talk about the mythology of ancient Kemet.  There is a story of a deceased person called “Ani” and he has just died and is awaiting his judgement.  Now I don’t have time to go into the intricate details of the whole judgment scene, but if you have not studied it before,  it would enhance your spirituality if you did, but we are going to concentrate on just the Resurrection part.

Now the death of Ani represents ignorance, when one is ignorant she/he is dead!  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad went as far as to call them deaf, dumb and blind!  Because when one is ignorant they cant hear wisdom, speak wisdom, or see what’s in their path.  Now Ani is lead by Heru which represents the SUN or “enlightenment” and Heru is leading Ani to his father who is Ausar, who is described as the “Perfect Black”!  Now that part where Heru is leading Ani to Ausar to be judged has been perfectly plagiarized by Christianity where in the bible it says in the mouth of Jesus ” No one comes to the father but by me”, they just switched the goddamn names to hide its African source.

Now as I said Ani is being LED by Heru, he is leading him to enlightenment because Heru represents the SUN, and before he is judged by the father Ausar he needs to have the ability to come out of gross darkness or ignorance.  Once one comes out of ignorance into light, judgement begins.  Now that you know, how did you conduct yourself?  Did you exploit those that were still in ignorance?  How did you conduct yourself when trial came in your life?  Many of us believe that a damn imaginary devil gives us hell and trial…trail is necessary for enlightenment and during enlightenment!  But we believe trial is a goddamn punishment like we are supposed to go unscathed in life, trial is a necessity. 

Trial is the prerequisite for Resurrection, once one has come into enlightenment and trial comes in their path and they conquer trial, another will come down the road of life, and when it does you challenge SELF and conquer the next one.  Over time where once you were dead, you will become a NEW person, you will be RE-BORN,  you will be Resurrected!  Stop looking for a goddamn PHYSICAL resurrection, that is NEVER going to happen, the first  Law of Djehuti is ALL IS MENTAL!  ALL IS MENTAL!  I hope this gives you a better understanding of what the Resurrection really means and we raise our vibration of thinking and get away from that slave thinking that has been detrimental to us a people and our culture.  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

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