This is part 2 of EVERYTHING IS ENERGY,  in part one I wanted to emphasize that there is no moral construct in energy.  This is done by a MIND that is still under religious indoctrination.  The spirit world is part of that same energy,  so you cant have BAD SPIRITS coming after you and GOOD SPIRITS holding your hand.  I know in some systems they do have good and bad spirits,  so this is MY thesis, and I have no problem with people who will disagree.  I just refuse to put that negative shit on the Ancestors that some of them are evil,  but you do want you want to do.

What our people did in the physical world was done in the physical world.  To me that has no bearing in the spirit world,  I had an Auntie that was mean as hell in the physical world,  if a goddamn devil has bad intentions towards me, I don’t expect my grandma to handle that retaliation shit for me,  I know Auntie see shit that I don’t, and I let her handle that.  Positive energy for the resurrection and the Dark side for the protection!  No evil or bad energy will I ever label the Ancestors with,  but as I said you do what you need to do.

You ever notice that the scriptures always have the prophets by themselves when God speaks to them?  Why is there NO ONE ever around when God speaks to them?  Because YOU are the prophet and YOU are the God who is speaking to the higher SELF,  that’s why no one is ever around because its always been YOU!  The Ancestors are in your DNA,  all the way back in antiquity.  All you have to do is shut the fuck up and let the energy resonate thru you.  The prophet in the book is actually you!  The BOOK is your MIND and revelation will come thru you, not out there!  You are Gods prophet because you are the prophet and you are also the God.  As I said,  the book that is being revealed is your own mind.  Whether it is Bible or Quran or any other so-called holy book,  they ALL came out of the MINDS of human beings,  but the human being gave the goddamn credit to Space Ghost!

We are ALL so disrespectful of our own greatness because we all constantly and consistently  looking OUTSIDE OF SELF for the salvation that is already in you.  Everything is Energy,  but don’t disrespect the Spirit World by placing  a moral sticker to it by calling it good or evil.  Everything in life can only elevate us,  or not elevate us.  We either learn and grow,  or stay ignorant and suffer.  There is NO KARMA GOD that brings payback to you,  what comes to us is thru our OWN HANDS.  Did we listen to the energy that resonated thru us,  or did we follow our own ego and became a victim of it?  The Spirit World is energy,  it can be nothing else but that.  ASE’ ASE’ ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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