This topic and subject can go in many avenues.  But as usual,  I want to make it Metaphysical then turn it back to the SELF.  If you google Philosophers Stone, it will say “An alchemical substance capable of turning Base metals into Gold”.  Whenever you read something in religion or about philosophy and it don’t make no damn sense,  then it is POINTING to something else.  You have never seen someone turn worthless metal into gold.  So this has to be pointing to something else.  I have said on many occasions that if it is pointing outside of SELF that is Religion,  if it is pointing toward the SELF that my friend is Spirituality.  YOU are the alchemist, and you are the worthless metal that needs to be transformed in Gold.  Now if you look at this shit in some spooky way and look for an actual piece of metal to turn into gold,  then you miss the deeper intellectual GOLD MINE that lays underneath and hidden [Amen]

In the Bible it says “The Corner Stone that the builders rejected WILL BE [future tense] the CAP STONE.  Now we have to define what is a Corner Stone and what is a Cap Stone.  A Corner Stone is an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends.  A Cap Stone is a stone fitted ON TOP of a roof or over a megalithic tomb.  Now again the Corner Stone and Cap Stone are ALL related to the SELF!  First the Corner Stone,  an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends on.  The Corner Stone of African people has ALWAYS been their CULTURE.  Its has been that important feature we depended on.  Within the culture was a proper knowledge of SELF that encompassed Diet, Spirituality, Name, Attire, Female and Male cohesiveness, Education and Economics.  Now we have been cut off, removed and placed here in the wilderness of North Amerikkka,  we have lost that particular Corner Stone or important feature.

Before the Arab came in and robbed and pillaged Kemet[ancient Egypt] on top of the pyramids was the CAP STONE.  Its was covered with limestone then POLISHED which made it beam like a LIGHT,  this was the symbol of the illuminated human being.  The BODY was the Corner Stone and the HEAD was the Cap Stone.  Again even in ancient Kemet everything represented the SELF.  So in antiquity, when you looked or walked around the pyramids it was only symbolic of a fully illuminated human whose CAP STONE was polished!  So back to the alchemist who makes worthless metal into gold.  What good is a person who is ignorant to the knowledge of SELF?  When I say ignorant I don’t mean dumb or stupid,  ignorant means UNAWARE.  When a person or people is unaware of who they are,  they are useless except to be exploited.  So an ignorant person is analogous to that worthless metal,  something of no worth except to the alchemist.

But for the last 500 years the only alchemist we have had has been the European,  and he has turned us into GOLD for his use.  So we have to be our own alchemist,  the problem is for the masses we are UNAWARE that we in this condition because we have a job and a car so we BELIEVE we are alright.  We have to look at our state here in America and throughout the diaspora so we can see we are as worthless metal,  but we were PUT IN THIS WRETCHED CONDITION and we have to be our OWN alchemist to get ourselves out of it.  We have to GO BACK[SANKOFA[ to the Corner Stone that which we depended on,  which was the CULTURE.  And within the Culture we will find the PROPER KNOWLEDGE OF SELF.  By us being the alchemist and finding that Corner Stone that the builders rejected,  and WHY did they reject it?  It was prudent for them to teach us to REJECT our Culture,  for it is this very rejection that keeps us worthless metal and prevents us from POLISHING OUR CAP STONE!

When this is done, that which was worthless metal will become GOLD[GOD] again.  Look for a book by your brother by summer,  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

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