Where are the MASSES in Esoteric Wisdom?


I love to talk about Religion. When i say talk about Religion, I mean throw dirt on the shit. I absolutely abhor ALL religions. Of course the critique that i get for my abhorrence to religion is “What’s it to you?”  “Why do you even give a fuck what other people believe?”  This may sound divisive, but i Love humanity in GENERAL but African people in PARTICULAR.  So it burns me to my fucking SOUL to see human beings being EXPLOITED Mentally, Spiritually, and Financially over some simple elementary shit that’s not rooted in any evidence or history.  Yes, everyone is free to choose their OWN way but i also am FREE to combat the shit as it relates to African people. So when people question MY beliefs and understanding of spirituality, I EMBRACE it because it only helps me sharpen my Sword and check my OWN foundation when i find someone comfortable enough to engage with me on such subject. I think the biggest and legitimate critique against African spirituality is ” Why is the ATTENDANCE at Esoteric African teachings so low and the Churches stay filled?”  This is a very good question and great critique. This is my response, the word ESOTERIC is MEANT for only a few. In fact if the masses of people had a grasp of the knowledge it would NO LONGER be esoteric. The very word means ONLY for the few. Religion and i mean ALL Religions was MEANT for the masses. A Billion are under Islam and another Billion under the different factions of Christianity. Judaism is an exception due to there are not enough people attracted to that madness anyway. In Religion the masses NEED someone to SAVE them. They need someone to do the WORK for them. In Religion you need a pacifier in the mouth to comfort a soul that is insecure. The MAIN INGREDIENT to religion is the SAVIOR COMPONENT. It is BLASPHEMOUS  to save SELF, so in religion it is expedient that someone OTHER THAN SELF to be your savior. To make the Matrix work, it MUST be invisible and unattainable and HE must come to save at a LATER DATE. This concept is attractive and palatable to the MASSES. But if you teach its ALL on you and the toil for your ascension is the responsibility of the SELF, this is not going to grasp the masses. Of course you may have teachers or sages to help guide you on your journey, but there are NO FOOTPRINTS in the sand carrying your Black ass during the difficult times. In fact THIS is when the GROWTH begins, during the difficult moments. The Ancestors are with you but they can’t do any leg work for you. This is NOT attractive to the masses and in fact the masses wont adhere to any teaching that says NO HOLY ONE is coming back to save them. Again, this is DRIVING FORCE behind religion and Esoteric wisdom is VOID of this in PARTICULAR. Only a few will take the journey down this path. So when you start to see that which you study, start to attract the masses, one must think to reevaluate the foundation of such study. So when you drive by the Church, the Mosque or Synagogue and they are FULL to the rafters, understand their level of understanding and where they need to be,  as far as their level of comfort. And understand this journey for the SELF is done alone but your Elders and Ancestors are always near when guidance is needed.  ASE’ ASE’ ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

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